What Maddie Loves – Checkers Little Garden

Checkers has done it once again! We completed both our collections of the Little Shop one and two and this year Checkers is back with a BANG with an even better brand new collectable campaign consisting of environmentally-friendly Little Garden seedling kits to grow your own collection of flowers, herbs and vegetables at home! BRILLIANT if you ask me!

As much as we loved the little toys, the concept of the Little Garden is brilliant! with hopes of encouraging children (and adults too) to get outside and spend some quality time together as they tend to their seedlings, and learn to grow their own fresh herbs, veggies and flowers, Checkers will once again have us exclusively shopping at their stores to spend our weekly grocery spend be rewarded with one Little Garden seedling kit.

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, basically for every R150 spent in any Checkers or Checkers Hyper store across South Africa you will be given one pack, so R150 = 1, R300 = 2, R450 = 3 etc. There are 24 different seedlings to collect including eight veggies, eight flowers and eight herbs. Each seedling kit includes a small biodegradable pot, a soil pod, seed paper and a pop-out name tag.


Checkers has also considered the environment this year with all the materials used in the Little Garden seedling kits being compostable or recyclable: the biodegradable pots are made of wood pulp and peat; the seeds are all natural and the soil pods are made of coconut husk!


24 March 4S

My personal favourite part – the accessories! There are a wide selection of accessories to purchase from Checkers to go with the collection including a limited edition collectors’ case to keep all your seedlings in one place until they sprout as well as Little Garden merchandise including mini garden tools, gardening gloves, a wheel barrow and a plastic lawnmower! Everything needed to bring the seedlings to life and pique an interest in your child’s interest of gardening!

I cannot wait to teach Maddie how to further water her new creations as we start adding to our pod and watching them grow to plant in bigger pots and hopefully one day soon add our veggies to our next salad! How incredibly exciting!

Disclaimer: This review is in no way sponsored or paid for. I purchased all the goodies myself and chose to review the product out of pure love for the campaign.


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