Maddie’s favourite puzzles

I often upload videos to my Instagram stories and I have a ton of questions from moms asking me what puzzles Maddie is playing with as well as where they are from and for puzzle recommendations.

I love it when I get content suggestions and this one is a goodie because Maddie loves puzzles, so I thought I would put together a list (with pictures of course) of her favourite puzzles at the moment…

Viga cutting meal in a box 

Viga Cutting
These well-finished wooden food set encourages creativity and hand-eye co-ordination skills. The pieces can be ‘cut’ in half or several pieces and fit them back together again with velcro. It come with a wooden box with acrylic sliding lid for cleaning up and storage. Maddie enjoys cutting her food at the kitchen counter when her dad is cooking. It makes her feel apart of the meal process.

Available on for just under R200

Melissa & Doug sound puzzles

MD Sound Puzzle 1

I couldn’t recommend these puzzles enough! If you are looking to introduce peg puzzles to your little one’s play time routine – these are amazing! They come in a variety of different themes including animal noises, nursery rhymes and around the house. When your toddlers places a piece of the puzzle correctly in the puzzle board a cause and effect noise is sounded from a beep of the car horn to a rumble or a moo from the cow! The full-colour boards have matching pictures beneath the wooden pieces. The puzzle has light-activated sensors and the sensor is alerted by removing a piece in a brightly lit room and then the sound plays when replacing the piece in the board. Maddie loves getting the placement right to hear the noise or song! There is great excitement when she gets it right!

Available for around R180 from most toy shops. 

Melissa & Doug latch board

MD Latch board

This is a great puzzle to teach your toddler the skills they need to undo a lock or latch. Six little numbered and coloured doors then swing open to reveal a picture beneath. It is such a great educational toy that builds on fine motor skills while learning colours, numbers, animals and more!

Available for around R420 from most toy shops. 

Le Toy Van Sundae Ice cream

This is a simple but beautiful favourite of both mine and Maddie’s. She loves ice-cream (who doesn’t) so loves playing with this wooden stacking ice-cream sundae which has six detachable parts to interchange. The pieces are painted in bright colours with glitter for extra shine and it is just a simple but fun little puzzle to play with and get their little brains working.

They retail for R165 and are available from Carousel Child –

Peppa Pig nine piece puzzle 

Peppa Pig

So I was super shocked to see Maddie figuring out how to put together a nine piece puzzle even though I read that it is possible for them to piece puzzles together from 18 months old. I give all the credit to the fact that it is a Peppa Pig picture and that is why she knew how to piece it together! Jokes aside, this Peppa Pig puzzle is a great starter puzzle if your little one loves Peppa as much as my Maddie does. It is made on wooden pieces so it is durable and sturdy enough for little hands to play with.

Available form Toys R Us for around R130.

Melissa & Doug cube puzzle

This puzzle is a little more challenging and Maddie hasn’t figured it out just yet. It is essentially six puzzles in one. They come in various themes including this farm animal one which Maddie owns. There are 16 solid wooden cubes in the puzzle and it requires her to rotate the cubes in the included wooden tray to complete colourful pictures of six different farm animals. It even challenges me but luckily – the border design provides a helpful hint!

Available for around R200 from most toy shops.

Melissa & Doug magnetic doll

The Melissa & Doug magnetic wooden doll set includes a wooden stand and lots of colorful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories for pretend play! They come in a variety of characters including fairies, mermaids and princesses to name a few. Maddie owns the Nina, prima ballerina and it happily ‘performs with grace and beauty’ in practice tights or bespangled tutu, whatever Maddie chooses to dress her in.


Available for around R200 from most toy shops.

Mood to Design personalised peg puzzle


This peg puzzle is just the sweetest gift idea. Maddie received this as a birthday present from a close friend of ours. It is locally made and so beautifully made! It is a special peg puzzle which she will one day use to spell her name and identify her favourite shapes and pictures. A gem of a basic peg puzzle!

Retail for R350 from @moodtodesign on Instagram

I really hope you enjoyed reading our puzzle ideas and I gave you some puzzle shopping ideas for your little one.

If you have any content suggestions or things you’d like to see me review or talk about, please pop me a mail below or contact me on social media. I love hearing from you!

Until next time…
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