Ombre at Salon Caprice

I grew up being told by mom telling me to wait until I was at least 18 before I touched or rather ‘tainted’ my hair and to keep it naturally healthy for as long as possible. Being the mommy’s girl I know I was, I listened to her. I think I only died my hair at 20 and boy I went blonde! Root to tip!

I didn’t recognise myself and it wasn’t long before I dyed it back to an as natural shade of brown that I possibly could. It eventually went back to its natural dark brown.

Fast forward to around four years ago, at the age of 24-year-old, shortly after my wedding, I decided to try this fashion craze, ombre! I loved the idea of not worrying about regrowth or having to deal with the upkeep of the colour. Man, I loved it! It lasted at least a year before I decided to cut my hair and it slowly got chopped out and I was left with my natural shade of hair.

Two months ago I chopped my very long locks off but felt I needed even more of a change!

Megan at Salon Caprice in Durban North got in touch with me (at just the right time) and invited me to come in for a treatment and it was a no brainer what I chose to do to my hair…

If you haven’t visited their gorgeous ‘hair cafe’ on Swapo Road and you’re in the market for a new hairdresser… do yourself a favour and pop in!

Salon Caprice 9

There is ample secure parking outside the house turned office space and the salon is super spacious! I have often felt like I am sitting on top of other ladies when visiting some salons but I honestly felt like I had my happy little space bubble around me when sitting at my station at Salon Caprice.

I spent a good three hours at Salon Caprice doing my ombre. My hairstylist Tyla was incredible. She did a happy dance when she heard that my hair was in its natural state. Apparently this is quite rare and excites them to see how beautifully the colour takes to my hair.

Salon Caprice 3

Although I spent a couple of hours in the salon, it went super fast and before I knew it my hair was done and I looked like a million bucks!

I am super happy with my colour and love the change! I have received so many compliments from you all and I can’t thank Salon Caprice enough!

Pop in, tell them you saw my gorgeous ombre and that they must look after you!

23 Swapo road, Durban North 
031 564 6232
@saloncaprice_za on Instagram

Until next time…

cropped-beingmaddiemom-011.jpg | @BeingMaddiesMom |

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