Daddy & Maddie in the Kitchen with My Chef

The amount of time I spend either thinking about what to cook, what I need to buy at the shop and the amount of time Brett (who predominately does all the cooking in our home) and I spend in the kitchen slaving away at the stove as well as the money we waste eating out for the convenience because one of us has worked late and it is too late to prepare a meal from scratch… oh the time!

Lets face it, cooking, be it planning, shopping or preparing a meal can be time consuming! It takes away from precious time you could be spending with your family!

We were approached by the team at My Chef to give their service a try for a week. If you haven’t heard of My Chef, they are a Durban based food delivery service that aims at giving you quality time with those you care for, with healthy, delicious, affordable, high quality convenience food in substantial portions.

I can confidently say… they delivered! Excuse the pun! I am super excited to share my experience with you…


With the choice of two menus as well as two delivery days a week (a Tuesday or a Friday delivery) orders can be placed on their website The menus are comprehensive with easily over 50 items to choose from including; winter soups, easy to throw together meals where you are still ‘the chef’, heat and eat options, easy oven bakes, grills, various sides to accompany the dishes as well as freshly frozen easy oven bakes and heat and eat meals. Other offerings include healthy lunches including salads and wraps, treats and spoils including rusks, cakes and puddings for dessert and kiddies meals which particularly blew me away in price – delicious hearty home cooked meals for as cheap as R24 ranging to R45 depending on what is chosen.

I was given R800 credit to use on their website and loved choosing our ‘menu’ for the following weeks meals. I was blown away at how much my R800 got me with just a R50 delivery charge.

Here is what I purchased: 
2x portions – Mexican chicken burger
2x portions – Sweet and sour pork stir-fry
2x portions – Crumbed calamari
840g Beef lasagne
900g Chicken bacon penne pasta bake
600g Thai green chicken curry
320g Basmati rice
400g Roast butternut
Parmesan polenta mash
Low carb vegetable pack
Chicken sesame noodle salad
Kiddies chicken sweet potato pea casserole with rice
Kiddies beef cottage pie
Kiddies beef potato casserole with cheesy spinach


Six meals, four sides, one lunch and three kiddies meals for Maddie!

It was great to experience a few of the ‘be the chef’ options like the Mexican chicken burgers which were DELICIOUS! All the ingredients come in individual vacuumed sealed packets and we just had to fry up the chicken fillets and put together the burger.

The meals were simple enough for Maddie to help Brett in the kitchen. Maddie adores being apart of the cooking process and helping her dad in the kitchen. It is honestly their special bonding time every night and My Chef made it so easy for Maddie to get involved by helping emptying ingredients into bowls, mixing dishes and stirring pots (with the help and guidance of her dad of course).

Another favourite which we really enjoyed ‘throwing’ together was the sweet and sour stir-fry. Each packet comes with easy to following cooking instructions and literally cook in under 10 to 20 minutes.

The portions are also great! With the two portions we ordered, we were able to feed Maddie as well and we also had left overs for lunch the next day.

The calamari was another hit for me! Maddie packed the calamari into our Phillips air fryer from Hirsch’s Homestore (look out for our review of the product next week) for just under six or eight minutes and we popped a couple veggie sides in the microwave and we had dinner on the table in under 15 minutes! Less time in the kitchen and more time to be a family and play with Maddie! My Chef definitely lived up to their promise on that one!

The kiddies meals really came in handy having them frozen in the freezer for the few date nights Brett and I had where granny came over to look after Maddie. They were around a 240g to 260g portion and were delicious! I tasted all three of them before giving them to Maddie to devour and they tasted like a true homemade meal and well Maddie licked the bowls clean! They don’t compare to the over priced heat and eat meals you buy from other shops. I am definitely going to stock up on these in the freezer!

The heat and eat and easy bake dishes were delicious. Also great to have in the freezer and pop out and into the oven. They were tasty and tasted so fresh, unlike most frozen bakes I have come across. The Thai green chicken curry deserves a mention! So much flavour and Brett and I enjoyed the zing!


All in all I really enjoyed every single meal we ordered. They all had their unique flavourings and no two meals tasted the same. We felt like we had a chef in the kitchen doing all the thinking, preparing and hard work for us and we were eating a variety of healthy food (My Chef even has their own dietician ensuring all their meals are healthy and balanced). Delivery was easy, on time and effortless. Straight out of the van, into the fridge and freezer and everything is vacuumed packed and sealed ensuring it stays its freshest!

I cannot wait to place the next order or my family!

@my_chefdbn on Instagram

Until next time…
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