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If someone had to ask me what the five things are that I can’t live without, the Philips Airfryer would be on that list. Brett and I owned the small Viva Collection Airfryer by Phillips for years and years. When we got chatting to Hirsch’s Homestore about working together I just knew this was a product that I HAD to share with you.

Hirsch’s Homestore, the innovative nation-wide family-run appliances and furniture store (who have stores in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape) gifted us with the amazing family sized Philips Avance 3L Airfryer to review. We have used it for just over a month now and Maddie has absolutely loved being a part of the cooking process cause when I say it is so quick and easy to use and you can cook just about anything in it… I am not lying!


I loved the machine then, now owning a bigger and better improved XL Philips Airfryer, I love it EVEN MORE now that we are parents to a very hungry food monster who at the drop of a hat will start requesting dinner as soon as we have walked through the door from work!

Lets face it… you get home, kick off your shoes, tie your hair up and exhale to catch your breath before putting the oven on which takes at least 20 minutes to warm up. By now your hungry toddler has found something in the grocery cupboard to snack on (often something like a packet of Flings…) and you know dinner is going to take another 20 to 30 minutes to cook.

This has often been the situation in our house and so often when we know we are working late and we will be home after 5pm, we will grab a ready made meal at Woolies or go out for dinner which A. Isn’t the healthiest and B. A waste of money…

One of the MANY reasons I adore this machine and would highly recommend it to EVERYONE, even those without kids, is the fact that it is incredibly fast! If you can cook it in the oven or in the deep fryer, you can probably make it in the Airfryer, only at the drop of a hat, healthier and more tastier!

The Philips Airfryer XXL is a healthier alternative to deep fat frying and cooks with little or no oil. It has the full size (1.4kg capacity which is 50% bigger than the compact Airfryer we previously owned) and power to handle a whole chicken or deliciously crisp chips for up to six people in one go! It has the ability to GRILL, FRY, BAKE and ROAST! Yes, you read right!

From roast chicken, crispy chip, even vegetables (it makes the most delicious butternut!!) and brownies, the Philips Airfryer XXL is the healthiest way to fry. Great tasting fried food with the least amount of fat by removing excess fat in the cooking process…

But how? This powerful airfryer uses Philips‘ patented Rapid Air twin TurboStar technology and super heats air and swirls it quickly in the belly of the compact appliance with 2225 watts of power for effective fat removal. It cooks by using hot air and the natural fats to fry or baking food quickly and easily.  A ‘tornado’ of hot air melts away fat and collects it all in the bottom of the Airfryer XXL for easy disposal. Best part… it’s quick and easy to clean. The basket and drawer are non-stick and wash up in under 90 seconds and are even dishwasher safe. 

It has automatic settings on a digital display with five one-touch preset programs and a keep warm mode making it so easy to use.  

But is the food as
 crispy and delicious as deep-frying you ask? One hundred percent. The chips are as crispy and even more delicious (in my opinion) as a deep-fat fryer. It is pure magic!

Available at all Hirsch’s Homestore stores nationwide. Visit their website to located your nearest store.
@hirschs_homestores on Instagram

Until next time… 

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