What Maddie’s Reading – Rosie’s Travelling Takkies

This brand new proudly South African book came highly recommended by a friend whose daughter (who happens to be one of Maddie’s besties) is obsessed with this book. She dropped it off with me to review for her friend who is the author, a Durban mom herself, Melanie Rosettenstein. I am super excited to share it with you today…

As they say the proof is in the pudding, both Brett and I put Rosie’s travelling Takkies to the test with Maddie and it was pure fascination from page one.


The story tells the tale of Rosie’s birthday present she receives from her grandpa. A pair of enchanted ‘travelling takkies’ that can magically transport Rosie to wherever she wants to go. So together with her grandpa they take to the skies for a cross-country adventure to explore some of South Africa’s many wonderful places. Cape Town to see Table Mountain, then over George, Knysna and Plett to see the breathtaking Wild Coast. Rosie and her grandpa’s journey takes the reader an expedition to reveal some of South Africa’s best kept secrets and shows you that you are never too young or too old to travel.

Rosie’s Travelling Takkies is really such a sweet story and the pages are bright and captivating. The illustrations by Julie Donald are truly beautiful and honestly takes the reader on a wondrous journey through the colours and imagery which jumps out at you on each and every page.

I also loved the sizing of the text in the book which ranges from larger and smaller lines allowing the reader to emphasise some sentences while reading to the little eyes and ears who is lost in the book.


I highly recommend Rosie’s Travelling Takkies to any child’s book collection. It is so special being able to share a story rich in South African heritage to Maddie to teach her a bit about our country and introduce her to the tourist attractions she will one day visit.

It is also a special gift for South African’s living aboard too who have children. Just an all round great South African children’s book!


Rosie’s Travelling Takkies costs around R104 and is available for purchase at the Awesome South Africa gift shop at the Pearls Mall in Umhlanga Rocks. You can contact them on 031 566 3281 or email info@awesomeafricangifts.com. If you are not from Umhlanga drop me a message or an email and I will get you in touch with the author to get a copy to you.

Until next time… 


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