Kiddies Ride-on Suitcase – The Trunki

Pack. Ride. Tow. 

This has to be the coooolest suitcase you will surely see in your life!

We got our hands on the ride-on suitcase, Trunki last month and we put it to the test during our trips in June and July. I recieved so much interest about it with plenty of questions on social media and I am super excited to share our review of this awesome innovative product with you!


There is a reason it has won over 100 awards over the years for its innovative design to how practical the product is. Designed and made in the UK this hard plastic shell suitcase is lightweight and is made to beat the boredom suffered by travelling tots (think long hours at the airport). Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow… it’s a ride on so no needing to carry kids for miles on end at busy airports or during long check ins.

It encourages toddlers to get involved in the holiday experience of having to pack their Trunki with all their favourite toys, while parents keep them in tow. Perfect for holidays aboard, weekend breaks, sleepovers and playing at home. Maddie has wheeled hers around a lot and even sat and watched TV sitting on it.

We got sent a unicorn Trunki called Una, a beautiful turquoise shell with yellow wheels and pink clips. It comes with a variety of glittery stickers and a horn! So much fun applying them and customising the suitcase. My favourite feature… the rainbow tail!!

Some of the features of the Trunki is the 18 litre capacity. It may appear small (46x21x31cm) but there is a lot of space to pack toys, games and clothes. Trust me, I put it to the test and packed an entire weekend worth of clothes as well as nappies and toiletries in Una and even I was surprised…

It has secure lockable catches to keep their possessions safe inside for the ride. The tow strap has a key to make sure the contents are secure and never get lost.

It is lightweight and durable. It is the same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases. It has a comfy saddle and can hold a child up to the weight limit of 50kgs so it really will last them a couple of years. You will never hear “my feet hurt”! They have horn grips for stability and they help steer the Trunki.

6 July 9

It has easy to grab carry handles and a soft rubber trim to protect little fingers while packing. It also has an internal pocket to keep treasures inside for easy access as well as teddy bear seat belts to keep clothes snug and secure when packed.


There are amazing accessories and other products on the Trunki website that you can add to your ride-on such as a toy box which attaches to the Trunki, an attachable drink pouch, various sticker packs, a saddle bag for extra comfort, a zip tidy bag which fits neatly inside the Trunki.

They range in price from R899 for a basic one colour case to R1099 for the well-know character cases such as Hello Kitty and the Graffalo.

Maddie loves her Trunki and is always asking when she can pack it for another holiday and I just love the look, feel and quality of the case. I would highly recommend the investment into this suitcase if you are in the market for a cute but practical case for your toddler.

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Until next time… 

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