Little Beach Tribe’s Wonder Wagon

Picture this; you are heading out to the beach. Bags, cooler box, umbrella, inflatables, beach chairs, Swing Ball, boogie boards, dogs and buckets and spades… loose toddler on hand… Man heading down to the beach can be a mission!

Now image an foldable all-terrain Wonder Wagon that has the capacity to be loaded with all of the above into it – including your toddler and can be pulled around on the beach sand or any off road surface! I found just this at Ballito based local business, Little Beach Tribe! No more schlepping around beach accessories or back-and-forths from the car.

We got our hands on our very own Wonder Wagon from Little Beach Tribe this month and have absolutely loved testing out the streamlined, all-black Wonder Wagon! It has pockets for everything, easily accessible drinking bottle storage in the front and all the rest fits neatly in the large compartment. It honestly makes any trip effortless!

Everything and anything can be loaded into the wagon and pulled about. It can be roughed off-road as the Wonder Wagon has pneumatic tyres which is perfect for sand or the bush.

My favourite part, the wagon folds up as easy as lifting the loop in the middle and it folds in half and can be popped in the back of your car!

It has easily detachable fabric which can easily be washed should it get dirty and glides off road and on beach sand making the load to carry easy to transport, be it after a long day on the beach, at a picnic or on the camping site and even from the boot of your car in your drive way into your house!


We have loved using our Wonder Wagon and cannot imaging living without it now that we are proud owners of one!

28 July 18S


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