Keachea | Deluxe Micro Scooter

A scooter at the age of two? No ways right?

Would you believe me if I told you that this innovative little scooter can be ridden from the age of 18 months?

5 August 2S

We were sent the Mini2go Deluxe Micro Scooter by Keachea last month to test out and to share our review with you and I have to say I am super impressed!

These scooters are massive overseas and I can see why! It is lightweight, (Maddie can literally carry it around with one hand) and it is a sold, quality product!

The multi-adaptable Mini2go Deluxe Micro Scooter converts from a ride on to scooter so essentially grows with your toddler and can be ridden up to the age of five or six-years-old – the handlebar is height-adjustable allowing it to grow as your child grows.

The scooter has three phases; the seat ride on, the push bar which allows you to take control of the scooter when your little one is riding (when the push bar is not needed you can always store it away in the drawer) and then of course the scooter. All can be clipped on and off super easily and safely with just one screw.

The ride on seat has a storage draw which easily pulls in and out to keep your kids’ belongings safe and sound while they scoot off.


Although Maddie is already two years and four months we chose to let her ride on the ride on first to get her use to learning the weight transfer and how to steer and she is already a little tall for the seat so we took off the seat two weeks into riding it and we were blown away at how quickly she simply stepped on and scooted off.

Now you can imagine my heart… heart in my throat kind of stuff! Thank goodness Micro make helmets (as well as the most amazing accessories! Think tassels for the rubber handlebars, bells, bags, baskets and a storage carry bag) which put my mind at ease watching her learning to ride her scooter.

Riding the scooter works on weight transfer, which promotes motor skills and balance in the child. It has two wheels in the front and one wheel at the back which also has the tap on break attached to it. The scooter balances itself and can easily stand on its own making it perfect for little toddlers to ride it without having established balance yet.

The colourfully designed Mini2go Deluxe Micro Scooter comes in two colours – pink or blue as well as a variety of different models for the different ages including the Mini Micro Deluxe and the Sprite as well as a Micro Trike.

I have such fond memories of riding my scooter when I was a child and watching Maddie on her new scooter makes me so proud. I just know that she will have years and years of fun and memories on her scooter and I couldn’t have asked for a better strong framed and award winning Swiss crafted scooter to be her very first scooter!

Keachea is offering my readers 20% off any of their Micro scooters or trikes on their website as well as any accessories you may be interested in purchasing. To shop their scooters click here! and to order any accessories please either DM them on Instagram @keachea or email Please use the discount code maddie20 to get your 20% discount on your order which is valid until this Sunday (12 August 2018). Happy shopping and happy scooting!


Until next time…
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