Tea party with Little Hunnys & Keachea

These adorable chairs and this cloud table is causing massive heart eyes on Instagram at the moment. If you haven’t spotted Little Hunnys gorgeous assortment of mini me chairs including a unicorn, batman, swan, bunny ears, crown, baby bear, mouse, cloud and angel wings… do yourself a favour and go check out Little Hunnys Instagram page out.

These ridiculously gorgeous chairs can be mixed and matched and are made to order and fully customisable in the fact that you can choose to have the full legs of the chair painted, have pink, blue or white ‘socks’ or unpainted with the wooden look.

Little Hunny’s started out of a dream Durban mom Daiana Jacobsen has when she was pregnant with her first son (who is now nearly six-years-old) and it was only during her recent (last year) second pregnancy with her daughter that she finally plucked up the courage to start the business.

“My kids have always been my driving force and motivation to keep growing not only as a person and in life but as a mother too. Little Hunnys has given me the creative platform to grow through and with my kids which really is a dream come to life!” says Daiana who by day is in the textile industry dealing with interior decorators which has helped her put together a beautiful range of modern minimalistic kiddies furniture that is functional and great for kiddies activities and doubles up as a focal design element in any kiddies room – be it a play room or bedroom.

With her dad, known as ‘big poppa’ and Daiana’s ‘magic man’ with wood, Diana says there is literally nothing he cannot do with wood.

Maddie was super lucky to have been gifted with a set to add to her new ‘big girl room’ and we are super excited to share it with you.

I personally had a tough time choosing four our of the designs for the chairs to pair with the gorgeous cloud shaped table. Made from South African a-pine wood and painted with a non-toxic Ducco paint, this set is solid and honestly a work of art.

It has been such a beautiful addition to her bedroom. She often sits at her table and reads books and does puzzles as well as has Tea parties with her teddies with her beautiful new Stephen Joseph Tea Set from Keachea. This timeless little wooden tea set will be a gift that Maddie will continue to play with for years! She loves the owl design and the bright pink and turquoise colours! The 9 cm x 5cm tea pot and teeny tiny cups, saucers and teaspoons are perfect for tea time with teddy. Such a great set if you are on the lookout for a beautiful new tea set for your daughter for her birthday, Christmas or just whenever 🙂

Little Hunnys usually take three days from inception to final product, however they are experiencing a string of back orders and their current lead time varies from seven to 14 days. Quite impressive if you ask me!


Daiana also mentioned that she has some really exciting products launching including a
house shaped doll/book shelf with a toy box at the bottom as well as a coordinating bunny ear hexagon book shelf. So make sure you are following Little Hunnys on Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye on the launch…

@littlehunnys_ on Instagram

Stephen Joseph Tea Set from Keachea – keachea.co.za

Until next time…


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