What Maddie’s Eating – Piccolo Organic Baby Food

This newly launched in South Africa brand of organic baby food has taken social media by storm over the past two weeks with all the local influencer’s kids getting to sample the mediterranean goodness that is Piccolo Organic Baby Food. We were fortunate enough to receive our very own suitcase filled with their entire range of products and we spent a good two weeks sampling them all to share our thoughts on the products with you…


Piccolo is the UK’s fastest growing baby brand and after two years on the UK market it has hit the South African market (thanks to their official South African distributor Shuggle Yum) offering balanced, healthy and nutritious food which will allow our little ones to explore taste and texture!

The Piccolo brand was born from the love of a mom, founder Cat Gazzoli and her proud Italian roots. Wanting to develop a range of food for kids that was healthy and honest with a unique and balanced nutritional offering for babies using the mediterranean approach (nutrition and lifestyle that champions good, honest and natural food which has been lovingly prepared and enjoyed) to weaning and in essence encourage a life time of healthy eating for little ones.

As a busy working mom I appreciate ready to eat convenient meals that I can pop into Maddie’s nappy bag and have on hand for those chaotic times I need to feed her on the go or just don’t have the energy to prepare her a full lunch.


Their in house infant nutrition therapist and nutritional chef has carefully crafted their range to be 100% organic, no added sugar, gluten free and no preservatives. There are three stages of food pouches on offer as well as pots and snacks. They they are;

Stage one: (around six months) introduces flavour to your baby combing nutritious greens, flavourful root vegetables and naturally sweet fruits with a pinch of herbs and spices. The pouches include; banana, blueberry and apple, cherry and yoghurt, spring greens, pear and apple, blushing berries, sweet potato, beetroot, apple and pear, mango, pear and kale as well as kale, kiwi, peas and pear. Sound delicious right? My favourite has to be the cherry and yoghurt as well as the mango, pear and kale!! Super smooth and full of flavour!

Stage two: (around seven months) aims at transitioning your baby’s taste buds into family meals with a range of more textured meals packed with Mediterranean flavour – a variety of herbs, quality sources of protein and olive oil. The pouches include; three grain vegetable risotto, sweet tomato and ricotta spaghetti as well as squash mac and cheese. I personally loved the mac and cheese. Maddie loved the spaghetti! They can be served hot (poured out into a bowl and heated in the microwave) or cold (sucked through the pouch).


Stage three: (around 10 months) Maddie’s favourite from the range. These delicious range of mediterranean inspired slow cooked meals using a family recipe aim at allowing babies to explore extra textures. They use clever split pots keep their to ensure the vegetables packed sauces (which are filled with nutrients and grains that are vital for your baby’s development) keep their texture and don’t become soggy. The pots range include; baby pasta with vegetable and kale pesto, quinoa with pumpkin and sweet potato, quinoa with vegetable ratatouille. These are incredible clever in their mix and go ready to eat pots. As easy as removing the two pots from the packaging, shaking well before removing the film, emptying the grain pot into the sauce pot and heating in the microwave for 30 seconds and there you have it… Maddie really enjoyed the quinoa with vegetable ratatouille and a pinch of basil. It is packed with high quality ingredients including quinoa, chickpea, tomato, white bean, carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, courgette, aubergine, peas, basil and garlic… wow!

Snacks: (around 10 months) My personal favourite new snack to carry in Maddie’s nappy bag. The Piccolo all natural wafters squares come in two delicious flavours; coconut and mango. They are made from three grains, chickpeas and a dash of coconut or mango. They are perfect for babies to chew on while teething or even a snack between meals. They have no added sugar, contain no diary and are gluten free. Best part… they come in a resealable bag!!

They Piccolo range in price; stage 1 – R29.99, stage 2 – R39.99, pots – R69.99 and snacks – R59.99. Ten percent of the profits go towards food education! Yay for giving back!

Over all I really enjoyed the range. I LOVE the colourful illustrated packaging of all the products, especially the pouches. The range is at a higher price point to pouches similar in nature however I love that they are organic, packed with flavour and offer a better variety of flavours and all round meal offering! I will personally be purchasing more of these meals to keep in my cupboard for those times when I need a convenient healthy snack for Maddie.


Piccolo is available on the Shuggle Yum website as well as at all Baby City stores nationwide.

@mylittlepiccolo on Instagram

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Shuggle Yum and Piccolo. Although this is a paid for review my views on the products are in no way influenced.

Until next time…


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