Our Generation doll

There’s always something extra special about putting a product in the hands of my child when there is such a great ethos and message behind the brand. After doing some reading up on Our Generation I was so proud to give this amazing drop from Ideal Toy to Maddie.


If you haven’t heard about Our Generation, I am so excited to be the one to introduce you to the brand. It isn’t just about a doll, a book or a miniature tea set. They believe in girls growing up together and creating their story of an extraordinary generation. From the accessories that speak to the multifaceted lives girls live today to the quality of the doll with prices aimed to not exclude anyone, and trust me when I say you will be amazed at the prices of these high-quality toys! The brand is about a the generation and their story.

One of my favourite things about Our Generation is the number of dolls there is to choose from! The five ranges include; regular dolls, deluxe dolls (which include a few accessories), hair play dolls (with beautiful hair and hair accessories), retro dolls and speciality dolls (like doctors and scientists). The amazing thing about the range is that there is a doll for every child and they get to pick the doll that best represents themselves or choose one that they think represents them (kinda like an alter ego!).

From the weight of the doll to the material of its nude skin and beautiful long hair and big blue eyes, everything about these dolls screams quality of workmanship! The best way I can describe the range is that of those beautiful porcelain dolls your mom used to collect back in the day that no one was allowed to touch or play with, only admired from a distance while they sat on a shelf! Only Our Generation can be PLAYED with, ENJOYED and taken on ADVENTURES because they are solid, quality dolls that will truly last years and years and even will be passed onto grandkids one day.

Okay so the dolls are beautiful and unlike any doll I have ever played with but the ACCESSORIES… oh the accessories are out.of.this.world!

Now I loved playing dolls growing up but man I never ever imagined dolls could be this cool! Everything from fashion from the past and present including retro fashion, beach wear, PJS, rollerskating and onesies!

The accessories are my favourite! From fashion accessories including pet care, school, holiday and horse riding to retro accessories like a pink retro cruiser car and diner set! A scooter, 4×4, ice-cream truck, picnic table set, RV camper, teepee and stable to house and home accessories including bunk beds, a bath tub, gourmet kitchen and a salon hairdresser chair. There even accompanying loyal pals in the form of mini plush pups!

So, basically everything your child could possibly need to let her imagination run WILD!

Maddie got gifted with the most beautiful doll, the Alicia doll – an energetic brunette sporty OG doll (just like her) dressed ready for running, She stands roughly 45cms high and weighs just under 2kgs – a really great height for a two-year-old to play with. Her accessories include; a slogan sweater, a pair of patterned leggings, pink shorts, underwear (SO CUTE), velcro fasten trainers, headphones and a pair of shoes.

Alicia was also kitted out with her very own 4×4 to ride in to go to her best friend’s house, school or around the corner… the little lifelike cruiser has incredible little details which makes the vehicle look just like a real, rugged 4×4, and Maddie has loved taking her new favourite doll along for a ride.

When Alicia isn’t running on the open road she spends her days (and nights) being a secret agent dressed in her fabulous retro secret agent deluxe outfit! The set includes; a dress and belt, a pair of glasses, a magnifying glass, an identity card and a pair of shoes. Oh the stories Maddie has come up with for Alicia – the agent!

And because every little doll needs a best friend… she has a posable and flexible German Shepard pup to take with her on its leash when she goes for her runs…

Both Maddie and I have had a blast playing with her new Our Generation toys and we have made up so many stories with the doll and accessories. We have even visited our local ToyZone to purchase some additional outfits and again, we were blown away at how affordable the clothing and accessories are considering the quality of the product!

Best thing about these dolls… they are all suitable for all accessories and clothes so you are really just investing into the range and you will literally have birthday and Christmas present ideas for a good few years with their amazing range of dolls, clothes and accessories!

Our Generation is available from Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom and takealot.com

Until next time…


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