Three educational games from Peaceable Kingdom for two-year-olds

I have said this before on my blog, I absolutely love searching, researching for and investing in puzzles for Maddie. I think puzzles are amazing in the development of fine motor skills, cognitive skills, problem solving, hand and eye coordination, social skills, promoting patience and a sense of accomplishment and self esteem.

I think we tend to think our kids are too young to solve puzzles but having attended a baby stimulation class when Maddie was just over six months, I came to learn just how capable they really are in solving basic puzzles. Their brains are really sponges from as young as 12 months and two and three pieces puzzles can easily be mastered by 18 months.

We have tried to encourage Maddie to explore puzzles from an early age and we have continuously been blown away at how she can easily do a 12 to 15 piece puzzle and really enjoys an assortment of puzzles.

When SugarDots got in touch with me to send Maddie a couple of their Peaceable Kingdom games for two-year-olds, I was super keen to get a look and feel for their puzzles as I have heard amazing things about the range.

30 October 1S

I was pleasantly surprised at these puzzles! From the quality of the pieces to the way the innovation of the games. These three games really do encourage toddlers to play, learn, explore and connect. Here are three great games for you and your two-year-old…

Acorn Soup


This has to be my favourite game of the lot. It is truly brilliant in my opinion. The game encourages toddlers (from age two and up) to make ‘acorn soup’ in three easy steps. The round box bottom doubles as a pot, which contains wooden ingredient tiles and a sturdy wooden spoon for mixing and stirring. A selection of eight simple recipe cards teaches toddlers to identify the ingredients and count as they cook and then mix, stir and eat. This interactive game encourages counting, pretend play, sorting and fine-motor skills. It is so much fun to play with Maddie and see her brain working through each ingredient and counting out each tile. She can spend a good 20 minutes ‘making soup’ for me to eat up and enjoy.

Chugga Choo 


This colourful learning game encourages toddlers (from the age of two and up) to match boxcars by colour and to choose wooden cargo tiles to fit in the empty boxcars. There are four engine puzzle cards, each with matching boxcar puzzle cards and 12 cargo tiles. Each train is completed by adding a little caboose. The colourful puzzle teaches colour-matching, choice, spatial recognition, puzzle problem-solving and fine-motor skills. It is a great beginner puzzle for your toddler if you haven’t already introduced them to puzzles. Maddie loves trains, colours and food so she loves putting these together!


Where’s Bear?


Maddie is obsessed with this game and it comes at no surprise that this toy won a platinum at the Best Toy Awards. It combines two of her favourite activities… stacking blocks and finding hidden objects! Parents and kids take turns hiding and finding Bear under the sturdy nesting boxes. Each box illustrates the rooms in Bear’s house and includes a matching game. It includes six nesting boxes and a wooden bear figurine. I highly recommend this game! Maddie can sit for hours and play and finds it hilarious every time she finds bear!

Each of these games retail for R399 on SugarDots but they have been kind enough to offer my readers a 20% discount on the purchase of one or all of these games.

Simply shop by clicking on this link and use the discount code: MaddielovesPK20 to get 20% off your order. 

These are such great Christmas present ideas and such a great discount. I absolutely love this brand and cannot wait to invest in more from the range!


Thanks for reading! Until next time…

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