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I love reliving my childhood through Maddie… why? Cause the things they have for kids these days are faaaarrr better than what we had as kids. I often look at the things for kids on the market and think that if I had dreamt of that toy as a kid this is exactly what it would have looked like!

When I spotted this Melissa & Doug freestanding wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store online at Keachea my heart eyes popped out of my head!! I LOVED playing pretend grocery store as a kid and can clearly recall cutting out ‘groceries’ from the special pamphlets to ring up with my calculator and ‘money’.

I could not wait to gift Maddie with this amazing grocery store cause I just know that she would instantly love it and play with it for years and years!

When this beauty arrived at our door last month for us to test and feel to review to share with you all, Maddie literally jumped for joy and couldn’t wait for Brett to build it – she even helped him!


Pictures seriously doesn’t do this grocery store justice! The sturdy wooden grocery store stands under a meter high and wide and has every feature you could possibly imagine! From a hand-cranked conveyor belt (I kid you not!), a beeping “Scanner” (I’m finished), a bagging hook, a card swipe and chip machine with a ‘signing’ pad and cash drawer! Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever!!

There is ample shelving on both sides for display and storage with smooth, curved corners and edges. Another thing I love about Melissa & Doug products is how versatile and interchangeable they are. A lot of the grocery foods and products we bought for Maddie’s Melissa & Doug kitchen (also from Keachea – you can read my review here) we have been able to use with the grocery store and the two products actually work really well next to each other with Maddie doing her ‘grocery shop’ and then ‘going home to cook’.

The accessory options are endless! Although the grocery store doesn’t come with any accessories other than the credit card, you can purchase the play food and role play collection accessory kit for R400 which has over 70 pieces and has everything your little one needs to role play to their hearts content as a grocer. An apron, conveyor belt divider bar, shopping bag, play money, cards and coupons.

My favourite accessory from the set includes the grab-and-go rack with gum, lip balm, granola bar, gift cards and signs. The set also includes five grocery boxes and two grocery cans with lids to start off your food collection.

It allows for more than one person to play and is great for parent and toddler play or siblings to play together as you can shop on one side and ring up groceries on the other.

Overall it is such a great product! I can see Maddie playing with this grocery store for years and years and truly growing up with her as she gets older and can ‘price’ groceries, count money, sort her stock etc.

I highly recommend this product to consider for your toddler or child – boy or girl this Christmas.

The Fresh Mart Grocery Store retails for R3000 on the Keachea website however Keachea are offering my readers an exclusive 20% discount on the purchase of the Fresh Mart Grocery Store as well as the accessory kit. Simply use the discount code: ‘maddie20’ upon checkout which will shave R680 off your cart if you purchase both the grocery store and accessory kit! That means this Christmas you will pay only R2720 for the this amazing gift this Christmas. Such a steal! Shop online by clicking here! The discount is valid until Wednesday, 31 October. PS. Delivery will be free too! Hurry cause stocks are limited!

Thanks for reading! Until next time…

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