Our bedroom reveal

I cannot tell you how excited Brett and I (mostly I – cause I am a woman, haha) have been to re-do our bedroom. Since moving in together over eight years ago we used my very old bedroom suite which my mom gifted me with for my 16th birthday. The silver frame became dull and we were quickly out growing it. However having had Maddie, we set up her nursery when she was a baby and more recently her toddler room (which you can see here), so re-doing our room wasn’t top of our priority list until finally we saved up enough to pretty much sell EVERYTHING in the room except for a wooden kist I had bought second hand a year ago which I sanded and painted.

Two months later and some really awesome brands on board with our bedroom makeover I am super excited to finally share our new and improved – modern, clean, clutter free, greenery haven…

We have been really fortunate to have stayed in some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in and around KwaZulu-Natal allowing us to get a feel for hotel quality beds. A bed that has really stood out to us every time is Henwood Beds! When we were on the market for beds we knew we wanted to invest in a king sized Henwood bed. Believe it or not, Brett and I have never ever owned our own brand new bed. We have either had hand me downs or have bought second hand so when our amazing new Henwood bed arrived we were over the moon and have been sleeping in what feels like our own hotel since! It has truly been life changing! We owned a queen before and having made the investment into a king bed has been so awesome for the nights that Maddie wants to cuddle and sleep in our bed.
Details: Henwood Beds are available from The Bed Store

Since redoing our room and searching for the perfect linen for our room I have become a huge fan of the linen company, Volpes. Their story an amazing one to read – this incredible South African company started off from humble beginnings as a Port Elizabeth over 89 years and today they have over 28 stores countrywide. We were fortunate enough to be invited into their beautiful Ballito store at the Ballito Junction to choose some linen for our room and we were really impressed! From the range of beautiful products to the customer service and the quality – we were blown away. One of the best things about the company is that they manufacture most of their products themselves which makes it a proudly local company!

We found a printed duvet cover at Sheet Street which we chose to use as our base blanket to compliment our wallpaper and greenery theme, so we were really after a comforter set at Volpes to break the print and add a touch of ‘neutral colour’ to the room. We really prefer to sleep under a comforter because it is a lot cooler (we live in Durban after all) and it is light. I absolutely love this polycotton comforter set in stone because of the details on the comforter. It wasn’t badly priced either at R850. Impressive considering it is a king sided comforter.


We also chose two drops of taped, fully lined and ready to hang curtain plain grey curtains from Volpes. With a 144 thread count, I loved how these polycotton curtains are super easy to care for and fall so beautifully. These were on sale for just R200 a drop! I also found a drop of a sheer floral curtain which I just loved and gave me the idea to break the greenery up with a bit of coloured floral. I am super happy at how it turned out underneath the lined curtain. I found two floral green and purple scatter cushion coves which complimented the sheer curtains well.
Details: Volpes www.volpes.co.za

A local, Durban based business called FOMO Print caught wind of my bedroom makeover and contacted me with the idea of printing me some beautiful canvas block mounts both in the greenery print (very similar to my Sheet Street duvet cover) and matching scatter cushion covers which I just LOVE! They also printed two of my favourite photographs from my family shoot with Tanya Jacobs Photography which I added above my bed with six small white frames which I thought added a nice touch of white to the wall. I have to add that the canvases are INCREDIBLE quality! They are solid and super sturdy and made to last! I was also blown away at their pricing of these canvases – I highly suggest emailing them to ask for their price list because they are super affordable!

This newly launched company specialises in the printing of canvases, table cloths, bags and cushion covers to name a few – how amazing!
Details: FOMO Printwww.fomoprint.co.za

It is amazing what a feature wall can do to a space! Vanilla Studio Collection got in touch with me to install a feature wall of my choice and after finding an image of delicious monsters I loved, Candice and her team printed and installed this gorgeous wallpaper in under a week – the installation itself took just an hour and a half! How impressive! It is just such a fun and easy way to add a fun pattern, pop of colour to the space making it a perfect interior feature wall!

Being in the
 printing industry specialising in printing supplies (one of which is wallpaper, currently being used by Woolworths across the country), Candice absolutely fall in love with a self-adhesive wallpaper because of its easy application, the cost per square metre being drastically reduced from the conventional wall paper and the installation cost being a fraction of the glue on wallpaper as it isn’t that labour intensive. Candice decided to start up a little business, Vanilla Studio Collection which includes custom wallpaper working closely with a printer based in Ballito called Fan Boy Design who does all her artwork/prints and wallpaper installation. The material is adhered using an easy peel-and-stick method, kind of like a giant sticker. So clever!
Details: candice@hitechgraphics.co.za 0825580733

Nothing finishes off a room quite like a beautiful carpet and when I think of rugs the first place I think of is Rugs Original! When I saw this black arrow-inspired triangular design rug on their website on a cream background (to match our comforter) I knew it would finish off the room beautifully!  This indoor, modern machine made rug was made in Belgium with soft polypropylene and feels like heaven under your barefoot! I just love how it adds a warm modern touch to the room and the quality is amazing – definitely a rug I know will last us years! The only complaint – there were so many beautiful designs to choose from – we really had a hard time choosing just one!!
Details: www.rugsoriginal.co.za/

We are so proud of how our new room came out and couldn’t be happier with how it came out. A huge thank you to all the brands we worked with one this project and for making the revamp such a smooth process!

Other items include: 
Bedroom suite – Middle Wood
Baskets – bought second hand
Mirrors – MRP Home
Lamps – MRP Home
Jar on dressing table – Volpes
Tray and frame on dressing table – MRP Home

I hope you enjoyed reading about our room make over!

Thanks for reading! Until next time…


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  1. Oh wow!! So beautiful!!! What a stunning combo of bold, green and plain! So glad I follow your blog and was able to see the reveal!


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