I am never going to the shops again! | OneCart

I am pretty sure every single parent has one way or another said this to their toddler when doing grocery shopping? Am I right?

Man alive, shopping with a toddler is more times than not a traumatic and often expensive experience. From not wanting to sit still in the trolley to wanting to sit INSIDE the trolley and ending up on top of the groceries (ending up with broken eggs and flat bread – sadly a true story) to running wild towards the toy isle and wanting to eat everything they see!

We’ve landed up with a kicking and screaming toddler, a broken bottle of tomato sauce all over the floor in Checkers and abandoning our trolley to get our moody toddler out of the shop ASAP.

It isn’t pretty but for us, both being full time working parents the weekend (when we are with Maddie) is the only time we get to do our monthly shopping (which we like to do together – we always have) and we unfortunately have to take her with us and hope for the best.

I was recently contacted by OneCart, an online grocery concierge service which facilitates deliveries from multiple stores such as Woolworths, Pick ‘n Pay, Dis-chem, and Clicks, and wait for it – delivery can be arranged within 2 hours of your order, or at a specified delivery time of your choosing!


When they asked me to test out the service which is currently servicing Gauteng and Cape Town and has (as of today) officially launched in Durban – YES PLEASE was my answer! The answer we were looking for!

So how does it work? 

As easy as logging onto http://www.onecart.co.za in your PJS, while your toddler runs wild in your messy house, sitting at the office or in your car (when it is stationary of course!) yes – there is an app too!

There are several shops to choose from – depending on your area. You can even shop at multiple shops in one order. The easy to use website allows you to browse thousands of items in each store all categorised, have pictures of the products and all the information you need to make your buying decision and adding it to your cart. Maddie could even get involved!


A feature that stood out for me was the cart total which adds up your items as you add so you can easily see what your cart is sitting at with ease all from my couch!!


Once you are done with your order you simply ”place the order’, choose your delivery date and time and pay. Delivery fee depends on how far the shops are from your house so for us the nearest Woolworths and Pick ‘n Pay was 13KMs away and our fee was R55 (your first delivery is free with the coupon code FREEDELIVERY) and you pay a concierge fee which works out to be around 5% of your total cart. So on our R2000 cart we paid a R100 concierge fee.

Within seconds of my credit card payment I got an SMS to say my order was received followed by another SMS to say my personal shopper (who promises to hand pick the best products from the stores I chose) has started my shop .

I later received a call from my personal shopper who was so polite and well spoken telling me that a few of the items I chose were out of stock and she offered substitutes on each item which I thought was brilliant! I had then received a few other SMSs to say my shopping was on the way and it was arriving. My only complaint of the service was the timing of these these SMSs were off by a little longer than I would have liked but these could be teething problems of the new service in Durban.

From the time I placed the order to the time the verified OneCart delivery partner pulled up in my driveway to bring me my groceries at the time I had selected was just under an hour and a half! My socks were blown off!

In the two hours I ‘waited’ for my groceries to be delivered I was able to spend quality time with Maddie, do some ironing and other house work and actually forgot that I had my weekly shop on its way to me. Talk about the ultimate convenience and flexibility! It is actually priceless!

When the OneCart delivery partner delivered, the two super friendly gentlemen carried and placed our groceries in out house, on our kitchen counter and everything I ordered was there, packed beautifully!

Brett and I still laughed at this photo… we successfully “grocery shopped” and still love each other….


An over all amazing experience and a service we will most DEFINITELY be using again! A huge thanks to OneCart for asking us to rate their service and share it with you all.


If you’d like R75 off your first order use my referral code:  https://www.onecart.co.za?raf=ref0850958


Thanks for reading! Until next time…


http://www.beingmaddiesmom.com | @being_maddies_mom |mondevill@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “I am never going to the shops again! | OneCart

  1. Hi Monique, i enjoyed reading up about this service but most of all i cannot get over your end statement! i can totally relate to that and hope at the end of using this new service that hubby and i can say we got through the groceries and still love each other. This made my Monday bright and a good cheer.


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