Introducing the elf…

So this year I decided that it was time to purchase that naughty elf and all his accessories and have some fun! Let’s call it the start of a new Christmas ritual in setting up naughty elf scenes for Maddie to wake up to and one that I promise to share with you all this year (and if you like it – maybe again next year). I know a lot of us moms are pulling him (or her) out again this year and a lot of us are doing it for the first time.
After I posted a flat lay of all the accessories I bought and announced I was embarking on a naughty elf adventure in our home this Christmas I was flooded with questions about the ‘rules’ and guidelines so I thought I would share my own little ‘how to’ from the research I have acquired.



“Elfie was once a gold star employee at Santa’s North Pole workshop but became disillusioned after an extended stint editing the naughty and nice list. Increasingly Elfie began to realise that he was far more interested in being naughty than being nice, so he set up a rebellious underground elf organisation called the EBB or ‘Elves Behavin’ Badly’.

The group met each Thursday afternoon at the workshop carpark to chew candy whilst planning mischievous stunts and jokes,  which would often involve stealing cookies and harassing reindeer. This is where Elfie met Elvie – a stunning 30cm tall lady elf who was instantly attracted to Elfie’s large pointy ears and permanently fixed smile. They spent their evenings getting into trouble, joyriding Santa’s sleigh and gift-wrapping snowmen.

Santa put up with the high jinx for a few hundred years but eventually became exasperated with the group after one particularly naughty elf, named Elven, snuck into his room and shaved off his glorious beard on the night before Christmas. From then on Santa had the elves put under heavy observation. He invented the Elf Surveillance System™ and doubled down on the naughty list with a new zero tolerance attitude.

After an extended probation period in Elf Training Academy, Elfie and the other elves were let off the hook and are now annually dispatched across the globe to report back new additions to the naughty and nice list. So, each Christmas these reformed “ex-naughty” elves enter the homes of families where they report naughty children to Santa. However, the truth is they do all this whilst also being really, really naughty themselves. Sneaky little elves” – taken from

And so the fun begins for us parents to get super creative and set the challenge from 1 to 25 December to create one new mischievous Elves Behavin’ Badly display every morning for our kids to wake up to, using our elves and accessories like his post box, door, washing line and my personal favourite – the swing! I have heard from so many moms that once you start getting creative with your elf it’s hard to stop.

Elf 3

Some say there are no rules, some say the only rules are that he cannot be touched else he will ‘lose his powers’. The aim of the elf is really to celebrate the belief in our children’s hearts and encourage good behaviour so it is really up to you what you want to do with your elf. Does he only come out when your child is good? Will he move around in the day? Whatever you decide will become tradition so give it some good thought.

Get the elf to highlight how many sleeps until Christmas with Smarties or unleash his inner prankster by filling the bathroom sink with cotton balls. Hide your elf in the most unexpected places like the fridge or in a shoe. There are endless fun ideas on the internet to inspire your mischief. Pinterest is a great space to look ideas.

Remind your children that they are being watched by the elf and acknowledge when they are good so that they know the elf is working. An idea I read online is to have him bring letters from Santa reminding them to be good or to thank them for their good behaviour. He is also ‘allowed’ (again if you decide to) bring treats and presents from the North Pole to thank them for being good.


Sooooo, I think this covers it? I have committed to promising you a post a day from Saturday (the 1st of December) when I plan on introducing the elf for the first time to Maddie (eek!) until Christmas Eve. I am so excited and have saved my ideas already! Who will be joining me in the fun? Tag me in your fun so we can have a good laugh together. Best ones will be shared on my Instagram stories daily!


Have fun!

PS. Don’t forget to set your alarms to remind you to change the position of the elf!

Until next time… | @being_maddies_mom

2 thoughts on “Introducing the elf…

  1. So excited! We’ve just finished setting up “Ben” Elf’s arrival (named from the new favourite in our house – Ben and Holly) looking forward to seeing your Elf’s antics and sharing ours.
    Ps. Where did you get the swing? We have the camera and other goodies like the house and post box etc that came with our starter pack, but no swing! Thanks so much xx


  2. Hi Monique

    Where did you get your elf? I’m in London but can’t find one!! I’ll be in Jhb on Thursday and really want to get one.


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