Back to School (and work) with Bidvest Waltons


One of my favourite things about Bidvest Waltons is their various ‘Back-To-School solutions’ which really makes it easy and convenient to do your annual shop their various purchase options available including;

School bulk orders – allowing schools to place bulk orders for all their supplies. Catalogue orders – allowing the parent or the learner to order exactly what the school has prescribed and once the selection has been made the orders are then packed invoiced and delivered to the school on the specified date.
Pre-Pack orders – a system implemented specifically for young children entering the school system. Children are expected to be fully equipped upon arrival at school and Bidvest Waltons helps make this process a whole lot easier. Stationery packs are made up as per your school’s specified requirements and sold on orientation day to parents
Online orders – for the parent who prefers the convenience of online shopping. The Back-To-School range is available online, partner schools are available and the order is placed in a few easy to follow steps. The order is processed and delivered to the school on the very same day as catalogue collections. For additional convenience Bidvest Waltons offers home, office and nearest store delivery.
Day to Day orders – offering anything a customer may need on a day to day basis. Experienced staff are available to visit schools and offices throughout the year and assist in day to day needs.

And if you like me loves to look around, physically touch and feel products and enjoys the in store shop their stores are beautiful, spacious and their staff are so helpful and friendly. Maddie and I had a blast choosing our supplies for the year!

Here’s a peek at what we bought:

For Maddie:

And for me:


The Bidvest Walton’s Back-To-School campaign honestly solves the hassle of having to
sort out school supplies at the last minute and offers quality supplies at
affordable prices, all while ensuring we are both prepared and well
equipped on the first day back in the new year.

For more information visit

Until next time… 

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