What’s in our lunchboxes?

I so often get asked what I pack / give Maddie in her lunchbox or afternoon snack box as well as what I eat for lunch everyday. I even had a dear friend ask me the other day if I actually own a lunchbox… yes, I guess as moms we are so fussed as to what we pack our kids and husband for lunch that we totally forget to pack our own or even remember to eat lunch. I mean how often have you looked at the clock at 3pm and realised you haven’t eaten lunch yet?

For me, if I don’t pack snacks and lunch in a lunchbox / cooler bag I tend to stop at a petrol station or a drive through and grab something quick to eat and it is often an unhealthy snack and at the end of the month when re-looking at the months budget I realised I’ve overspent with these types of purchases.

So due to popular demand I have photographed two typical lunches I make for Maddie and I and I share a list of our favourite snacks… healthy and indulgent too cause yes, when that 3pm sweet craving hits – that Sally Williams peanut butter nougat is at hands reach!


So for me I would typically make myself either a green salad with smoked chicken breasts or tuna with feta cheese or I would pack hummus with carrot and celery sticks and a hard boiled egg or two. This will be eaten just before 12pm and I ensure I have light but filling snacks on hand like a banana, apple, mixed tree nuts and a yoghurt to keep me going throughout the day.


I tend to get a sweet craving around 2/3pm and I ensure I have a small indulgent snack on hand like a Sally Williams nougat – I purchase a box of their individually wrapped 17g bite size nougat and love the variety of flavours they have – so it never gets boring. At the moment Maddie and I are loving their soft honey nougat pieces with crunchy peanut butter! If you enjoy nougat and peanut butter – you have to try this range! Other delicious ‘treats’ include biltong, a cookie or two with my afternoon tea or some popcorn which tends to tie me over until dinner.


Some other lunch ideas include:
Chicken with noodles and chopped veggies
Apple rings with peanut butter and berries
Roast veggies and sliced roast chicken
Hummus and chicken wrap
Provitas and cheese
Chickpea salad
Avo and bacon sandwich


I’m often envious of Maddie’s snack boxes. Man to be a growing kid with so much variety! Although it isn’t great to overwhelm kids with too much variety, a small bit of variety – four to five items in a lunchbox is more than enough to be able to provide them with choice and to explore a variety of flavours. Although one day Maddie will LOVE mixed tree nuts, the other day she won’t touch them so I never know if the box will be a hit or not.

For Maddie I like to typically pack a box consisting of a fruit, a dairy, a starch and a treat.

A typical box would look like this: 


She luckily eats a cooked meal at school but requires an afternoon snack box for aftercare or when she is at home so I try and pack her a bunch of snackie things she can munch on. On weekends I will pack her a box of various snacks like nuts, grapes, a sandwich, carrots and dried fruit for on the go snacks in the car, in the shopping trolly etc.


Snacks I love to pack for her include; 
Cheese dippers
Cheese wedges with crackers
Mixed tree nuts
Carrot sticks
Mini cheddars / marie biscuits
Sally Williams peanut butter nougat
Peanut butter and apple sticks
A sandwich with peanut butter, cheese, ham or chicken mayo
An apple
Chopped smoke chicken
Rice cakes
Cherry tomatoes
Cracker bread with hummus
Chicken sausages
A boiled egg
An ice zoo biscuit
Dried fruit


Please share some of your favourite snacks with me on either one of my flat forms (Instagram or Facebook) so I can share it with the other moms who follow me. Let’s help each other in creating some awesome lunchboxes for not only our kids but ourselves too!


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the world’s finest honey nougat, Sally Williams. Although it is paid for it is honest and in no way influenced and is entirely my own opinion. For more information on their handcrafted honey nougat visit www.sallywilliamsfinefoods.com.

Until next time:

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2 thoughts on “What’s in our lunchboxes?

  1. You have covered so many things. And gave given me soo many ideas. I sometimes like to pack a few pieces of dried fruit in a packet for those shopping trips, and a few smarties.


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