VTech Toot Toot Drivers

It is always great to receive a unisex toy to review that I know both girls and boys will adore! It isn’t often that I can confidently recommend a toy that I know each sex will equally enjoy but when VTech put together a parcel of their Toot-Toot Drivers products and I got a touch and feel for them with Maddie – I can honestly say that this may just be one of my top toy recommendations for a ‘spoil gift’ this year for a birthday or Christmas.

Here’s why… 

Maddie not only has a huge fascination with trucks, airplanes and police cars, she also loves playing with cars at her (boy) friend’s houses. I have encouraged her playing with cars and have even bought her a couple of cars of her own.

There are so many developmental benefits to playing with cars including:
Cognition – experiencing cause and effect relationships, such as when a car drops down a ramp
Fine motor and hand skills – Strengthening hand-eye coordination and improving hand coordination and hand dexterity while ‘driving the car’.
Speech and language – expanding on their vocabulary learning words relating to cars including buckle, door, wheels etc.
Learning concepts – such as stop and go, on and off, up and down etc.

There is nothing better than seeing Maddie sitting on the floor making car noises while ‘driving’ her cars along the road while arched and stretching over the tracks we have built. It can keep her busy for hours on end.

So when Maddie’s new VTech Garage Play Set, Toot-Toot Drivers Deluxe Track Set and Toot-Toot Drivers arrived and we unpacked them out their boxes I immediately knew it would be an absolute hit.

Having spent close to a month testing it out, playing with the bits and bobs, customising tracks and driving the Drivers we are super excited to share this awesome newly launched VTech Toot-Toot Garage Play Set and accessories with you.


The Garage Play Set which spans about 70cms in length and about 40cms high (a nice size for play and storing away) makes parking, playing and driving so much fun! One of the coolest thing about the VTech Toot-Toot Drivers products is their ‘SmartPoint’ recognition technology which enables the musical Toot-Toot Drivers set to trigger realistic sounds, fun phrases, flashing lights and sing-along songs when each vehicle drives over them.

The Garage Play Set includes a SmartPoint Toot-Toot Drivers tow truck that can tow other vehicles on the nine point SmartPoint location track. It also has three light-up buttons which play fun garage phrases and sounds.

The Garage includes three chunky light up buttons that introduce colours, objects, fun phrases and tunes. Spinning gears, open and close gates, a moving spanner as well as a car wash and lift help promote motor skill development. Cars can use the lift, get cleaned at the car wash with the spinning brushes or get a service at the repair stand with moving spanner! There are parking spots, a spiral ramp, helipad and lift to enhance role-play fun. Trust me when I say it has allowed Maddie’s imagination to run while!

There are over 25 cars that can be added to the Toot-Toot Drivers collection including; a fire engine, dumper truck, ambulance, police car, bulldozer, helicopter, a taxi and a bus to name a few. Each with three unique fun sing-along songs and six fun phrases and realistic sound effects and melodies. They all interact with other Toot-Toot Drivers play sets and their SmartPoint technology.

The Toot-Toot Drivers are perfectly sized for little hands and have truly lit-up Maddie’s face while pushing along to trigger the music, songs and realistic sound effects.

To add onto the VTech Toot-Toot DriversGarage play set the Deluxe Track Set is an optional add on which consists of 30 pieces of track of 11 different types which enables all Toot-Toot Drivers play sets to be attached to one another in a complete loop. It also features two SmartPoint sensors.


A whole world can be created with the Toot-Toot Drivers. Other sets include a fire station, train station, police patrol station. All the Toot-Toot Drivers play sets can connect to each other via the Deluxe Track Set and interact with each Toot-Toot Drivers vehicle.

Retail price: 
VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Garage Play Set – R1300
VTech Toot-Toot Deluxe Track set – around R350
Vtech Toot-Toot assorted drivers – R180 a car

VTech products are available at Hamley’s and Toys R Us Stores nationwide as well as on Takealot.com. 

Until next time…


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