5 Indulgent foodie ideas to do at home this Valentine’s Day

If you like Brett and I avoid actually going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day purely because it is crowed, over priced and often totally unromantic because you are surrounded by couples across from you at another table. There’s nothing romantic about knowing if the couple next to you listened hard enough they could eavesdrop on your conversation!

I am sure there are A LOT of parents who either cannot afford to go out for dinner (because kids are EXPENSIVE), you don’t have a babysitter or you’re far too busy to take the ‘night off’ from chores, homework etc. Just because you plan on staying at home and you’re on a budget doesn’t mean doing something out of the ordinary and special with your loved on Valentine’s Day doesn’t happen.

I have put together five fun, romantic, inexpensive and intimate foodie ideas you can do with your partner in the comfort of your own home… no over spending, no baby sitters needed… just a loved up mom and dad with open hearts and a sense of adventure…

5 Indulgent foodie ideas to do at home this Valentine’s Day: 

Homemade sushi 
Yes you could totally just order in but just think how incredibly funny would it be to go purchase the DIY sushi kit at your local book store which has the matt, tools and recipe book needed to make your own sushi and attempt to make it with your significant other? And if all else fails you can Order In and laugh about your failed attempts.

Cheese and wine on your patio 
Grab a bottle from your wine collection and put together a variety of cheeses, pate and crackers on a cheese board and head out onto your patio to enjoy some time outside with your partner enjoying each other’s company in the calm and silence of nature while star gazing.

Picnic in your garden 
Find a blanket, lay it down on your lawn and pack a basket as if you are heading out to your local park and fill it with all you and your partner’s favourite things. Lie in each others arms with a glass of wine and catch up on life. The open skies, skin on skin, sounds of nature and fresh air will leave you feeling totally connected to one another.

Dessert in bed 
A favourite of ours! Instead of breakfast in bed (because no parent has time to whip up crumpets in the morning and enjoy quiet time with their partner before your child/children wake up because chances are your child is a very, very early riser much like ours! We enjoy making tea or coffee and putting together a fun dessert we often make together like heart shaped crumpets (just use a cookie cutter to cut them into shape) and spray some whipped cream onto them, chop Sally Williams rose flavoured Turkish delight in dark chocolate (HEAVEN!) and sprinkle it onto of the crumpets, serve on a tray and enjoy them while curled up in bed with a warm cuppa alongside your partner.

Home made heart shaped pizza 
I love this idea. Why? Because there is something about putting together your own pizza by selecting your toppings and popping them into the oven that makes me feel like a kid. It’s fun, inexpensive and yummy and best part… it can be enjoyed in front of the TV watching a romance on Netflix.

I hope I have given you an idea this Valentine’s Day. If you choose to do one of the ideas please tag me on Instagram! I would love to see what you get up to.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the world’s finest honey nougat, Sally Williams. Although it is paid for it is honest and in no way influenced and is entirely my own opinion. For more information on their handcrafted honey nougat visit www.sallywilliamsfinefoods.com.


Until next time…


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