To Maddie on your third birthday…

Your spring-like curls bouncing across your forehead, pearly white baby teeth shining, your soft little hands stroking my face and your strong sturdy body resting in my lap. “No, I love you the most!”

Moments like these… I will treasure my entire life. In three years you have taught me so much about myself, about life and about God.

How did I get so lucky to have had you grown in my womb. How did I get so lucky to have been chosen to be your mom.

Maddie is 3 1S

I remember the day I lost my mom. The feeling in my gut told me I had lost everything. I had lost my best friend. I would never ever feel like like hers again. A love between a mom and daughter is something no one can describe.

The moment I held you, looked into your flickering eyes as you took your first sight of this world – that hole in my heart my mom left when she died was filled. I knew that you were the most incredible gift God gave me to show me that I can and will love like that again.

You have been God’s greatest testament for me. He is alive. He is real and he is RADICAL! I look at you in awe. Every fibre of your being. Every inch of your skin. Every eyelash perfectly in place. That is God. You are his masterpiece!

Maddie is 3 3S

This year has been massive in your developments. You went from baby to full blown toddler that can fully communicate, articulate herself and has a little personality. You have left your mom and dad in complete awe.

You are so brave, kind, gentle, adventurous, determined and so loving!

Happy third birthday my precious girl! I am honoured to be your mommy and cannot wait to watch you grow up more and more in front of my eyes!

Love your mommy


Ps. Here are some of your two to three-years-old highlights I compiled for you…

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Until next time… 

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