Five things I indulged in this ‘moreish’ March

How are we nearing the end of March? We are almost a quarter into the year! The older the get – the faster I feel time is going…

The start of this year has been a manic one for me and as I near the second quarter of the year I found myself intentionally indulging in more for the month of March… more sunshine, more love, more intention, more spoils, more celebration… MOREISH MARCH! 

Here are the five things I indulged in more this month and what it taught me… 

I live in Durban… March is one of our hottest months of the year. I tend to stay clear of being outdoors and ensure I am either in air-con or in front of a fan. My experiences of Summer has always been a miserable one as there is a lot of complaining! This March I channelled my inner ‘holiday maker’ and chose to rather celebrate the amazing weather we have – the days may be hot but I am truly blessed to stay in one of the most incredible cities in the world. I indulged in a champagne breakfast at the Oyster Box, I splashed about the sea, took long walks along the beach and enjoyed our local playground with my daughter. Indulging in more sunshine lifted my spirits, did my skin some good and most of all allowed me to explore and look at my city in a different light.

Pausing, slowing down and being more present in my home and family life allowed me to truly love my family that much more. Without having to worry about the 10 commitments we have made to friends, family and work we were able to enjoy each other that much more, cuddle on the couch, laugh at each other and love each other that much more!

This was a huge eye opener for me. Being more intentional in everything I do, say, choose to focus on and think about is something I want to do every single month this year. Life is chaotic and I am guilty of being a ‘yes man’ and over committing my time, resources and self too. This month I prioritised my family and I and put our needs first. It isn’t always easy but it is so needed. I used my bullet journal I Love My Journal sent me to be intentional in writing down my goals for the year which included less screen time, being more present, travelling more and naming at least one thing I am grateful for each day. I have always loved journalling and putting my thoughts and ideas onto paper so this was so nice to spend time indulging in.


As soon as I became a mom the idea of spoiling myself or buying myself something I wanted / needed became secondary to my child. All my extra money has always gone into buying things for Maddie. This month I indulged in buying myself new cloths, spoiling myself to lunch and buying a box of my favourite Sally Williams nougat… why? Because I deserve it!

This was an easy one to indulge in… why? Because it is our precious Maddie’s third birthday! There is always so much happiness in celebration. I love celebrating and really want to find something to celebrate each and every month. Bring on the party, the praise of that special someone’s life / being. We all need to celebrate a lot more!

My month of more has left my heart full, my mind calm and my spirt roaring ready to take on the new few months that follow.

I encourage you to indulge in a month of more… do five things next month that make you feel alive!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the world’s finest honey nougat, Sally Williams. Although it is paid for it is honest and in no way influenced and is entirely my own opinion. For more information on their handcrafted honey nougat visit

Until next time…

cropped-delportfamily-33r3 | @being_maddies_mom

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