Refuse, reduce and reuse for the sake of our children…

How often do you think about the planet and what it will be like for our children and our children’s children one day when they are our age? The answer is probably not enough, am I right? I know I am often guilty of not considering my ‘footprint’ and the damage my choices are making to the earth and my child’s future on this planet. From one plastic bottle to the next, one disposable coffee cup to the next, a light burning for no reason to not paying attention to the choice of consumer goods I am purchasing off the shelf. I am guilty! 

Sure conversations around recycling and plastic waste management have increased in recent years – I am pretty sure our parents didn’t lose sleep over the issue we face today. According to Plastics South Africa, in 2016 the country accumulated over 1.14 million tonnes of plastic waste and less than half of it was recycled. How crazy is that? 

Although there remains a staggering amount of un-recycled plastic in our waste stream and plenty to be done. With its substantial volume of products in the market, Unilever have felt the duty to act and in 2010 the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan was launched to accelerate efforts towards a more circular economy. In 2017, Unilever committed to ensuring that 100% of plastic packaging will be designed to be fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2030.

When Unilever got in touch with me to share the news about their launch of Sunlight’s new 100% recycled and recyclable bottle I was overjoyed to share the news with YOU and partake in their campaign why? Because I think it is amazing that consumer goods company, Unilever South Africa is stepping up to the plate and making a change! 

With over five years worth of development the unbeatable grease remover innovation on its 750ml and 400ml bottles marks a key milestone for the Proudly South African household brand who are also lead the agenda in sustainability.


Beyond reducing its own footprint, the trusted dishwashing liquid wants to inspire and challenge consumers to play their part and adopt more sustainable habits by recycling and using more sustainability focused brands (like Sunlight) and encouraging consumers to take the #SunlightPlayYourPart pledge.

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid has donated R10 000 to the Oasis Association, which uplifts those with learning disabilities by providing job opportunities and skills development at recycling centres across the country. The brand has promised to double its donation if 10 000 South Africans make the #SunlightPlayYourPart pledge and play their part in keeping plastic waste out of our environment because, through our collective efforts, we can make a positive impact


Play your part. Recycle your Plastic

I encourage you to take the #SunlightPlayYourPart pledge with me.  Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid has donated R10 000 to the Oasis Association, which uplifts those with learning disabilities by providing job opportunities and skills development at recycling centres across the country.  They have promised to double their donation if 10 000 fans join the pledge. So please get pledging and sharing.

To pledge visit


Follow the movement with the hashtag #SunlightPlayYourPart | Facebook @SunlightZA | Twitter @Sunlight_ZA |

Here are just five changes you can make that you can get your kids involved in that will significantly reduce your footprint… 

1. Plant a garden 
2. Conserve water 
3. Reduce and reuse where possible 
4. Refuse single use plastics and paper products – carry around a useable shopper in your handbag! 
5. Recycle – you have no excuse. The municipality literally supply the bags and fetch it from your property on a weekly basis. 

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid. 


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Until next time…

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