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Last week we were invited to Pe’teeth Dental Studio to bring Maddie in for her first dentist visit and I must admit I was a little worried. Dentist appointments are not one of my favourite things – I had braces for a couple of years so I have had my fair share of uncomfortable visits. The idea of Maddie feeling comfortable in a typical ‘scary looking’ place like a dentist’s room with all the tools and equipment around her as well as having fingers and tools in her mouth made me feel a little uneasy.

However her dental health is hugely important to me so we set an appointment and spent the week prepping her for her ‘first visit’ to the dentist. We treated it more like a tour than a visit where she would have a consult done on her. Thanks to Peppa Pig (there’s an episode where she visits the dentist) Maddie was very excited to go. She loved the idea of waiting in a waiting room, gargling water and brushing her teeth at the dentist rooms.

Little did Maddie (Brett or I) know how much more awesome it would be then the Peppa Pig episode we watched on repeat.

Pe’teeth Dental Studio is situated in Musgrave Park on Musgrave Road (in a secure complex with ample parking) and is a general dental practice that focuses on treating patients from infancy to young adulthood. Although Dr. Desai (who was formerly a recognised dentist in Westville before pursuing her passion of paediatrics and creating a world-class dental facility tailored to the needs of paediatric patients) has established herself as a paediatric dentist in Durban, she does occasionally treat adults and is committed to providing her patients with quality dental care in a relaxed and child-friendly environment.

From the moment you enter her practice, you immediately experience the care and understanding that she believes is vital to taking care of her patients helping to make every child’s dental visits as stress-free, relaxed, and enjoyable as possible.

13 April 1S

The practice is a pleasant and tranquil environment with the smallest yet most brilliant touches to ensuring every child is put at ease when entering.

Simple things like the bright and beautiful colours she has used in her practice – light grey walls with pops of yellow and turquoise to add a touch of fun. The waiting room features two tablets loaded with a dentist app that allows the kids to play the game while waiting for their appointment.

13 April 12S

Dr. Desai came out to the waiting room to meet us and got down to Maddie’s level sitting down along side her playing the game and showing her how it is done – something that really helped Maddie build ‘trust’ of her new friend Saadia as Dr. Desai told Maddie to call her.

We were shown through to the rooms as a family – another thing I absolutely loved about the practice is how Dr. Desai encouraged us to become part of her dental health team, and work with her to care for the health of Maddie. She believes that every child is unique and perfectly made and because of this she work with the family as a whole to determine the best care suited for the child sitting in her chair. Parents are encouraged to play an active part in each visit and are always welcome in the treatment area so that we can listen to any questions and concerns that you may have as well work with Dr. Desai to protect your child’s oral health.

Maddie looked around and her fascination surprisingly got her up in Dr. Desai’s chair – I was shocked at her bravery. Dr. Desai kneeled to Maddie’s level explaining to her what she would be doing today, showed her the tools and it wasn’t long before Dr. Desai was able to slick Maddie’s chair back and have her on her back.

13 April 2S

And for the highlight and ‘ah ha’ moment for both Brett and I… on the ceiling there is a TV… with wait for it… Paw Patrol and… wait for it… wireless headphones! Brilliant!!! Brett still made a joke about this in the car and said if his dentist had a TV on the ceiling with the Game of Thrones playing for him – he might just go to the dentist more often!

Dr. Desai was able to do a consultation on Maddie’s teeth assessing their condition, a polish (noisy tools and all) as well as a fluoride treatment with ease! Maddie was as cool as a cucumber with her headphones on watching Paw Patrol!

Maddie even got to choose her flavour fluoride… bubblegum of course! It was a total of 15 to 20 minutes and we were in and out. No tears, no coaxing, no fuss! Maddie even said on the way back to the car that she wants to come back tomorrow. Yay! Dr. Desai truly moulded a friendly treatment environment that allowed Maddie to leave with a positive experience, improved oral health and future preventative care that will help Maddie grow a healthy smile that will last her for years to come.

Another great touch I loved that stood out for me was the signboards Dr Desai has in her rooms including ‘my first dentist appointment’ and ‘no cavity club’ to name a few which allows you to capture these treasured moments of your kids visits to her rooms.

13 April 10S

Overall we had an educational, fun, comfortable, helpful and positive experience while improving our dental knowledge of Maddie’s pearly whites and helping us ensure she keeps her healthy smiles.

Here’s a short video on Maddie’s experience: 

Give Dr. Desai’s rooms a call on (031) 201-2811 or email to schedule your child’s (or your) first visit. You will find them at Suite G02, Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, Durban. You can read more about Pe’Teeth on their website:

Dr. Desai’s advice on your child’s first dental appointment:


We suggest that children should visit the dentist soon after the first tooth erupts and no later than the age of one, as recommended by the American Dental Association. By establishing a ‘dental home’
 children become comfortable with the doctor and dental staff, thus putting them at ease during future dental treatments.

It is important to prepare your child for what will happen at the dental office. Present it as a new place for exploration and making new friends. Do not use phrases like “don’t be afraid” or bribe the child as this makes them suspicious. It is imperative not to transfer your anxieties about the dentist to your child.

During the first visit, we get to know our patients and the family as well as give them the opportunity to discuss any concerns. Children are given time to settle in and become comfortable before anything is done. In many cases, it is better to leave the child alone with the dentist so that a relationship of trust can be built with the child. Anxious children or those who have had previous bad experiences, go through a recuperation process that builds a relationship of trust and care between them and the dentist.

We make every attempt to make each visit as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, in order to improve the chances of a positive experience, we are selective in our use of words. We avoid using words that may cause anxious or negative feelings towards dentistry and would appreciate if parents also adopt our terminology. For example at our practice, we refer to a sharp probe as a ‘tooth counter’ or a high-speed drill as ‘Mr Whistle’.

Once our patients are comfortable, records are made of the medical and dental history together with the examination and often a ‘clean and polish’ is performed. At this visit, their teeth will be checked for tooth decay or other dental problems as well as establish a baseline for growth and development. Parents will also be advised about dental hygiene and potential dental problems like thumb sucking and baby bottle tooth decay.

From this visit onwards, we suggest scheduling dental check-ups every 6 months unless a problem arises. At each subsequent appointment, new steps will be added until your child is accustomed to a full dental visit.

13 April 8S

DISCLAIMER: This is a paid for sponsored review however our experience and opinions are in no way influenced. This is a fair and accurate account of our experience.

Until next time…

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