All you need to know about Little Checkers

Checkers have done it again! Yip, we will be exclusively shopping at Checkers for all our groceries and just about anything we need around the house and in our bellies… Thanks to their Little Checkers building blocks!

We loved the Little Shop mini groceries and we loved the Little Garden seedling packs but now we REALLY LOVE their newest collectable promotion…. Little Checkers.

You might know that my husband is LEGO obsessed – so when I saw the launch of this promotion land in stores this week – a shop at our local Checkers Hyper was a no brainer.


If you are unfamiliar with the concept, basically there are 35 packs of Little Checkers Building Blocks to collect. You will receive a random sealed “block pack” for every R200 spent (yes you have to spend over R7000 to complete your set and thats if you don’t get a duplicate pack). Each pack contains instructions, Building Blocks and stickers.

You are encouraged to purchase a starter kit with the base plate, the outer walls and overlay needed for the base of your Little Shop which retails for R79, 99 – really reasonably priced considering what you get in the pack – over 90 pieces and it is really fun to put together. Brett and Maddie built it together and although the packet came with instructions it was very basic (in black and white without colour coding etc) and not an ‘easy’ build. There is a video you can watch a video online to help you build it too.

The fun part (or not so fun part) is shopping at Checkers to earn your toddler the added extras to go inside the store including; a till counter, fruit shelf, freezer, grocery shelves, a baker, butchery and fish counter, groceries, a trolly and a Checkers Employee.

Additional accessories you can purchase for the Little Checkers is the Little Checkers Truck for R69.99 which is quite a sweet add on.

Another thing I love about the Little Checkers if the fact that the Lego-like collectables are fun and reusable toys that will help parents play with their children away from screens. Checkers also states on the packaging that the blocks are compatible with other leading brands of toy blocks – I am not too sure about this because the blocks are a bit ‘stiff’ when locking them in.


The promotion will run until block packs run out – I doubt we will end up spending over R7000 at Checkers to complete our collection before the packs run out… in our experience these promotions run out quickly!


Overall we absolutely love the promotion and Maddie has had so much fun playing shop with her little ‘shopper’. We cannot wait to add to her collection…

Until next time…

cropped-delportfamily-33r3 | @being_maddies_mom

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