Three plus size fashion looks created at JAM Clothing…

Would you believe me if I told you I purchased these three looks (minus the pair of jeans) for just over R600? Tell me more you ask?

If you have been following my page on Instagram this week you would have seen I have been chosen as JAM Clothing’s first brand ambassador! Awesome right?

One of the greatest feelings in world as a blogger is having a brand you have supported and loved for years and years get in touch with you to partner up with you. To have them believe in your brand, your content and your offering is a feeling that I cannot quite describe to you.

If you aren’t too familiar with the brand – JAM Clothing is a national fashion retailer who have been around for over 20 years and offer the latest range of good-quality garments of clothing and fashion brands from all over the world at discount prices. How? Jam have built relationships with both local and international suppliers who know that JAM are always on the lookout for the best deals and help retailers and suppliers move their cancelled orders or excess stock. This win-win business model allows you and me to score high quality fashion brands a fraction of the regular retail price. They offer the best deals on big brands and a larger variety of products in their stores country-wide nationwide.

In celebration of their newly launched plus size range of women’s clothing which is now available in stores country wide I took it upon myself to pop in store, select three looks and showcase them here for you to not only get a feel of what you can expect to see in store but also how it fits, how to style it and give you some inspiration.

Item/s: Off the shoulder, 3/4 sleeve printed maxi dress and brown pleather sandals
Price: R269 for the dress and R115 for the sandals.

I love a maxi dress! It is my second favourite ‘go to’ in my wardrobe after a pair of black full length leggings. As a plus size woman I feel most comfortable and pretty in a loose fitting dress that is tight around my bust and free flowing from my waist down. Anyone who follows my fashion will know that I absolutely love prints! I am drawn to anything print! So grabbing this gorgeous printed maxi dress was a no brainer!

Apart of their brand new plus size range – this dress (which is also available in your usual sizes) goes up to a size 50. It is a super flattering fit with a beautiful clown like collar detail that can easily be worn off the shoulder to break the print around the neck and add in more skin. I personally don’t like exposing my shoulders – I feel a little naked doing so, so I quite like the frilly detail around my neck. The fit around my waist is super comfy and flattering (I feel – if you feel pretty… you look pretty so confidence in how you look is key) and I LOVE the 3/4 sleeve. A great maxi dress option for Winter with the longer length sleeve but can also easily be worn in Summer with the option of pulling the collar down to your shoulders. The fabric is light and airy without feeling thin and low quality. The fabric quality is incredible and has washed beautifully too. I often have had experiences with other brands (I won’t mention names) where it is a ‘plus size’ range but it so easily tears when worn and cannot handle the extra stretch it needs.

I picked up these pleather brown buckle up sandals which I absolutely love! Such a steal at R115 and I paired them with all three looks in this post to show how versatile they are.

ITEM: Emerald green button up shirt with stud detail

I cannot tell you how much I love this shirt! Like so, so much! Why you ask? Other than the fact that it is the most beautiful colour (a colour I don’t yet own in my wardrobe) and it has studs (I like something a little edgy every now and again) but I LOVE the fact that the waist is elasticated! As a plus size woman I don’t like to feel like I am ‘tenting up’ my body. I like to still show my ‘shape’ and define my waist line so I love that it sits comfy around my waist while not sitting too tight around my belly. The biggest size I saw in this was a size 46 (I think) but it also had the regular standard sizes too.

Item: Dress
Price: R165

This has to be my favourite item/s I picked up at my local JAM Clothing (The Crescent in Umhlanga) and the one that has caused a lot of interest on my page the past couple of days. I bought two of these dresses in two different colours – this purple and a maroon red. They came in a few other colours like a mustard yellow and black but those were sadly sold out in my size.

The best way to describe this dress is a longer length t-shirt! Haha! No but seriously it is super comfy and looks incredibly flattering! I have worn this dress two ways already; one as a dress in this picture and two with a pair of black leggings with the dress folded inwards to shorten the length. It has the most beautiful bounce and flow to it and I love the pocket detail too!

I’ve also worn it with a belt around the wait and without a belt. Basically this dress is amazing and super versatile! It can be dressed up or down and at R165 you can afford to have one in each colour!

I hope you enjoyed my JAM Clothing plus size fashion clothing haul… if you want to see more let me know and I will try and do it on a monthly or regular basis.

Happy shopping!

If you are looking for your nearest JAM Clothing store in your area visit

Until next time…

cropped-delportfamily-33r3 | @being_maddies_mom

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