3 inexpensive kids holiday crafts

With the June school holidays in full swing and your kids at home, you may need extra activities to keep them busy. For us arts and crafts are always our go to because it is the perfect entertainment to not only keep Maddie active – but we can also join in on the fun to make it extra special for her.

So if your little one needs some creative stimulation – grab the crayons, glitter and paint and allow their inner Picasso to come out and play… the good news is that The Crazy Store (which has always been our go to for arts and crafts supplies because they are so, so affordable) has the most incredible range of holiday arts and craft products that will keep your little one’s entertained.

The team at The Crazy Store put together a few of their products for us to get creative with and share with you and I am so excited to share these three awesome crafts that will cost you less than R200 these holidays…


Here’s what we got sent:

Ladybird bag: 


We had such fun creating this cute ladybug bag with Maddie. We spent a good hour creating it and Maddie was able to practice a few impressive skills like learning to thread and using a tube of glue. The end result was super cute and she was so chuffed with her bag.

Make your Own Bug Bag – retails for R59.99.

Colour in your own bag: 


Such a bargain purchase. Maddie got a similar concept bag for her birthday this year which she loved so when I saw this in the box I was quite excited and when I saw the price – I was super impressed! There is something about colouring in your own bag that excites a toddler. Of course it was an even bigger excitement when she saw it was a unicorn.

Colour My Bag; is available in an assorted of designs for both girls and boys and it retails for R35.99.

Canvas art: 


The activity that allows the most creative freedom. A plain A4 canvas, glitter, glue, bits and bobs and a paint brush… all a toddler could ask for to let their imagination run wild!

The art and craft variety pack retails for R29.99 and comes in a nifty resealable bag.
The glitter set with brush and glue retails for R25.99. The A4 artists canvas panel retails for R16, 99.

All three of these activities ring up to R168,99 not bad for a day of entertainment!

All the supplies and a ton more are available at The Crazy Store nationwide. They have over 350 stores around the country. To locate your nearest store visit www.crazystore.co.za 

Thanks for gifting us with an afternoon of fun The Crazy Store!

Until next time…


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