Learning to ride a balance bike | Champion Bike

I cannot believe my child is old enough to learn how to ride a bike. Seriously… she was just born yesterday!

Three months ago a box arrived for a very excited Maddie who couldn’t wait to open it up and get building with her daddy. Under 10 minutes later Maddie was kitted out with her new matt black helmet and seated on her brand new hot pink Champion Bike – a newly launched balance bike! Her enthusiasm and happiness made both Brett and I want to burst into tears!

Learning how to ride a bike has come along way since we were kids and rode with training wheels for years before our parents took them off and hoped we would ride without needing them.

The talk of balance bikes being the new preferred method of teaching toddlers how to ride is an interesting topic which I spent a lot of time researching.  Essentially a balance bike is like a regular easily gliding bike but it has two-wheels and it is pedal-less bike. It can teach toddlers as young as 18 months how to balance on two wheels, they are much easier to learn to ride on and easier to control. After a learning period (depending how how much practice), the skills learned from a balance bike, toddlers and kids from as young as three can transition straight to a regular kids bike without the need of training wheels. Brilliant right?

Balance bikes are the hip and trendy replacement for tricycles and training wheels. So what are some of the benefits?

  • Move easily and safely over uneven surfaces
  • They are light and easy to ride allowing the child to ride a lot further
  • Fit kids much better than tricycles or training wheels
  • Provides years of fun and independent riding before they transition to a pedal bike
  • They eliminate the need for training wheels

Maddie has had her Champion Bike for three months now and even though she could have started riding it as young as 18 months – we decided to hold off on making the purchase purely because bikes have always been her ‘least favourite toy’. She enjoys bike riding but it isn’t her first choice in the school yard.

Now that Maddie is three and she began showing interest in learning how to ride a bike because her besties have their own balance bikes, we got in touch with Champion Bike to give their gorgeous budget-friendly bikes a test.

28 July 12S

I think the ascetics of this balance bike speaks for itself! It is BEAUTIFUL! What little girl doesn’t love a hot pink bike with shiny tyres and a helmet to match?

The bike is made from extra strong aircraft aluminium which weighs under 3.2kgs. Light enough for Maddie to pick it up and carry it herself with ease. It is truly a durable steel frame which won’t damage easily or need maintenance.

The handle bars are rubber gripped. The seat is made from soft yet sturdy foam for a comfortable ride and the seat is adjustable from two to five years-old – so it truly grows with your child.

The tyres air filled on a 12 inch poked wheel which are ready to take the punishment that only mud puddles and heavy riding can dole out.

28 July 16S

You have to agree it is a gorgeous bike!

28 July 10S

Maddie is slowly learning how to ride on her balance bike properly with lifting both her legs off the ground once she has reached a good speed of momentum. It has really been awesome to see! We’ve noticed how easily she glides, changes direction and rides over uneven surfaces. It holds its own!

The couple of times Maddie has unbalanced and fallen to the side she doesn’t complain or is scared to get back on at all. Something we are super happy about because it has been a worry in her not wanting to get back on due to fear. She is always happy to ride her bike and can ride far without complaints.

We are super happy with the Champion Bike being her first balance bike and have been super impressed by well she’s taken to it!

Here’s a short video of Maddie giving it a go… 

The bikes usually retail for R1495, but they are currently on sale on the Champion Bike website for R995. They are available in black, silver, orange or pink. The helmets are R590 and are available in blue or pink. They are available for purchase on the Champion Bike website: https://championbike.co.za/.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Until next time… 


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