Little Crusers

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with fellow Durban moms about the lack of a super-duper playground that not only caters to both parents and children alike but ticks all the boxes in terms of location, features, safety and affordability. I have been a part of many conversations about how we wish to invest in a great play area for the kids because there is such a big gap in the market for one in the Durban North and Umhlanga area. 

When I came across Little Crusers on Instagram it definitely piqued my interest! After digging deeper, watching a video on the concept, looking at the proposed renders and reading up about their pledge to get the community involved I knew I had to use my platforms in sharing this message in the attempt to get more local moms aware of this initiative.

I got in touch with Caryn Pearson, a Durban North mom of two who has a business degree and post grad in education, to chat about her vision.

Meet Caryn: 
When she’s not being mom to her children Caryn does part time remedial work and heads up a successful holiday craft club for grade 000. Having lived in the UK and experiencing first hand with her niece and nephew, the amazing play parks on offer, it was only when Caryn relocated back to South Africa that she found play areas in Cape Town, in KZN, but all quite some distance from Durban within the Ballito and Upper highway areas. 


“I started planning, just doodling and making “imagine if we could…” or “wouldn’t it be nice if…” kind of plans and I would spend a bit of time finding ideas and creating a folder on my PC, but I never did much more than that. Then when my holiday club became more and more popular, I just decided to take the plunge and started researching great venue options, but it had to be both indoor and outdoor. I was training at Crusaders, when the idea sprung into my head…” says Caryn. 

So what is Little Crusers

Picture twisty-twirly slides, tunnel slides, monkey bars, climbing wall, towers and bridges, a bike track with ride-on bikes and cars, knights kingdoms… and princess towers, superheroes, figurines, tea parties, car mats and racing cars, dress-up, mini village (complete with kitchen, shop, vet, car garage, petrol station, car wash, fairy garden and wishing well) Lego world, air hockey table, experimental galaxy science space, rockets, dinosaurs, armies, toddler zone with ball pit and soft play, arts and crafts… 

All of this in a place that is safe and secure with the knowledge that your kids are in good hands. Somewhere that has the most incredible and experienced child minders that are keen and willing to engage with the kids whilst they are at play. A cosy and comfortable seating area that allows you to keep an eye on your kids, but also somewhere that one could watch from a distance (for those with older kids) knowing that they are safe.

A place that is well maintained and clean (no broken toys, no grimy toys). A place that caters to the family that has a one-year-old, a three-year-old and a seven-year-old – fun for everyone. A toddler zone that is mostly guarded, and policed by a friendly face that steers the older adventurers and fairy queens back to the playground areas that are geared for them, as to avoid the little people getting trampled.

A place with great coffee! A place that is shaded from the blistering heat of the Durban sun, but also protects from the occasional drizzle of rain that prohibits you from accessing so many other playground options in the area.

DISCLAIMER: The renders are just drawings. The final layout and design will be finalised once the capital is in. 

A place that will host children’s birthday parties, year on year and continue to be exciting, fresh and entertaining.

A place that can offer entertainment and activities, such as puppet shows, magic shows, pantomimes, music shows, kids yoga, baby classes, arts and crafts… 

Sounds like a dream right? 

Making the dream a reality… 

Caryn needs investors to back the project and no, not thousands of your hard earned cash – but it’s the total opposite. She is using a new concept in SA called Crowd Funding which works on getting a lot of people to all put in a little bit to raise the amount that’s needed – R1.2 million to be exact. If Caryn get 3334 people to all buy a ‘reward’ for R150, then she will have reached our first goal which will allow her to BREAK ground. “Reward” you say – what do you mean? With the type of crowd funding Caryn is doing, she is working on a rewards basis. SO for your R150 buy in, you will get a voucher to come and play for three hours… basically the more you invest the more you will be ‘rewarded’ when the project comes to life. 

Starting small Caryn’s milestones are as follows: 

Caryn’s first goal is to open a playground in Durban North. A secure and well managed area that parents can happily bring their kids to have fun. An awesome jungle gym, a mini shop and mini kitchen, an entry level toddler zone and we will start up the fantasy play space.

If she reach her next interval of roughly R800,000 she will fully kit out the toddler zone and include the Party Zone and Activity centre space.

At this point she will almost be at her Dream Goal, and will extend the outdoor creative play to include an entire mini village as well as complete the indoor fantasy play space.

Dream Goal! We can have it all –  including everything on her wish list – The Lego World and Galaxy Science Space, Air Hockey Table, Climbing wall and a chill out WiFi hot spot zone for parents to relax and unwind.

If she surpass her DREAM GOAL she will plan to roll out additional community outreach programs, and support additional kids and schools that are less privileged.


“We are not looking for a donation, nor are we looking for a HUGE investment… but we do want to know that Durban parents are behind us and want this too. We are not just trying to raise the funds, we also want to raise the crowd of support!”

Come on Durban parents let’s make this a reality for our kids! I know I as a mom would absolutely love having a place like this to take Maddie too! I will be buying my reward and I encourage you (if you too would love this in Durban) buy your reward too!

082 790 6611

DISCLAIMER: The renders are just drawings. The final layout and design will be finalised once the capital is in. 

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