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Man, I love sugar! I have a sweet tooth of note! Cakes, bakes and sugar in my coffee are my weakness. As much as I have tried giving up sugar (because we all know how bad sugar is for us) I just cannot!

As a mom I am conscious about how much sugar Maddie consumes. Realistically I cannot completely restrict her sugar intake because the reality is there will be sweets and cake at the party. There will be treats. There will be a milkshake or cake date with mommy. But what I can do is make a small change where possible and this can start at home.

I recently met up with a Durban mom of five who has created a one-of-a-kind sugar replacement unlike any other… It’s carb-free, contains no artificial ingredients, tastes absolutely delicious and bakes beautifully! Yes you read that right!

Freesweet founder and creator Deborah Good spent five years developing a product that convinced her own children that a life without sugar can be as sweet by creating a delicious alternative to sugar that would improve on the existing offering in the natural sweetener space.

In a move to get her children to eat healthier, Deborah experimented with the natural sugar alternatives that were on the market – sugar and artificial sweeteners were no longer an option. Restricting her children to stop eating sugar altogether was not realistic so instead had to find something that she could offer them that they would choose over sugar to ensure long-term change.

Upon sitting down with her and hearing her passion for her all-natural, good-for-you sugar replacement which was launched to the market in June this year, I was sent home with a box of the products to try, taste and put to the test.

The Freesweet range is available in two delightful flavours – original and vanilla and comes in a range of convenient packages including; 36 x 5g sachets – perfect to keep in your handbag for those coffee shop visits, a 200g glass jar for your kitchen counter as well as a 500g resealable pouch perfect for baking or to refill your jars.


Aside from using the sugar replacement in my daily teas and coffees as well as cooking, Maddie and I recently baked a vanilla cake using a simple recipe and simply replaced the sugar one for one because 5g Freesweet = 5g sugar in sweetness! Well we can confidently say it bakes beautifully! In fact the cake tasted even better using the natural sugar replacement. Yay for a delicious alternative to sugar to replace sugar in recipes. Now Maddie and I can bake and eat cakes, biscuits, puddings and other sweet treats without the extra kilojoules!

The ingredients include; erythritol, xylitol, inulin, anti-caking agent, Himalayan salt, flavourings. There is no aspartame.

Here is the nutritional information: 


The benefits of Freesweet include; there are no artificial ingredients, delicious sweetness with no bitter aftertaste, bakes and caramelises beautifully, replaces sugar in a 1:1 ratio in any recipe, it is diabetic friendly (endorsed by Diabetes South Africa), has a low glycaemic response – GI of 3 (sugar: 65), may assist with weight loss and is GMO free.

Overall we have absolutely loved using the sugar replacement in our home having completely tossed sugar out of our home.


For more information on Freesweet visit their website: or follow their activity on Instagram @freesweetco.

Freesweet is available at selected Checkers, My SPAR and Pick n Pay stores. They retail from around R50 up to just over R100 for the pouch.

Until next time, 

cropped-delportfamily-33r3 | @being_maddies_mom

DISCLAIMER: The product was sponsored however my experience and opinion on the products are in no way influenced. This is an honest review.

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