Maddie’s BIG DAY out at SUNCOAST Durban


Last weekend we were invited by SUNCOAST Durban for a fun-filled ‘big day out’ to not only watch Peppa Pig Live at their gorgeous multi-functional venue, The Globe but to also experience their dinning and entertainment offering.

Even before Maddie was born, Brett and I have always enjoyed SUNCOAST Durban – for many reasons… the fact that it is right on the beach (I used to do the daily exercise classes offered with Lisa Raleigh back in the day), alongside the promenade for riding bikes and walks, a great restaurant offering, the movies and it’s overall buzz of excitement of the casino – not that we are big into gambling at all but we have memories of our early dating days going to the casino with Brett’s varsity mates! We also reviewed their baby moon hotel package at SUNCOAST Towers when I was pregnant.

After their recent revamp, our love for the casino went up a notch! Why? Well if you have been to SUNCOAST Durban recently you will know exactly what I am talking about… The octopus water feature of course! You might remember this post on my Instagram feed…

Despite it being a casino – SUNCOAST Durban is a great family entertainment destination – for many reasons…

Since it’s revamp earlier this year SUNCOAST Durban have some of our personal favourite restaurants including; Lupa Osteria for Italian, Mythos for Greek, La Rosa for Mexican and Calitos for Portuguese with a few familiar favourites; Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, John Dory’s and Spur. The new restaurant wing at SUNCOAST Durban allows dinners to visit the restaurants without even having to enter the casino building at all. It also is in close proximity to the beach so you can sit and enjoy a meal at Lupa and Mythos with a sea view and view of festivities of the promenade.

Aside from the movie house and The Magic Company for the kids (which is honestly one of our favourite places to pop into for a family date night) there is also the Barnyard which Brett and I love to go to! We still want to take Maddie to a show there. They also often have date night deals where you pay R200 or so and get a booklet of vouchers for a meal, movies and a drink which is such great value for money.

Bike rides, playing on the beach and outdoor Sunday music – SUNCOAST Durban location is a gem!

You pay a flat rate R10 entry/ parking fee in a safe and secure closed parking lot close to the restaurants. You don’t get better than that!

Pack your kid’s cozzies and expect a day of fun in the sun, great food and a vibe! The outdoor water feature octopus is free, open to anyone and just the best! Maddie absolutely loves visiting SUNCOAST Durban for a run in the water followed by lunch or an early dinner and ending off with R100 worth of tokens at The Magic Company which gives her a good 30 to 45 minutes of play and enough tickets to take home a small toy. Its a proper winner!

So last weekend we watched Peppa Pig at The Globe and Maddie absolutely loved it! It is such a sweet show! Despite it being a repeat of last year’s show – she still loved it and didn’t know any different to seeing one of her favourite TV show characters up close and personal. Seeing her grinning from ear to ear and singing along to the Bing Bong song literally made our year!

But this…. I will never, ever forger!

14 September 20S

We were also invited to have lunch at Wimpy – you don’t get any more classic family lunch than this… milkshakes, cheese burgers and Wimpy tomato and mustard sauce on your slap chips… YUM!

We of course then ended off our ‘big day out’ with a family round of games at The Magic Company.

Here is a short home video of our time at SUNCOAST Durban

Maddie was also gifted with the most gorgeous pair of Bubblegummers sandals from Bata. These fun and youthful shoes gave her the support for her feet to run wild on the day while still looking stylish!

A huge thanks to SUNCOAST Durban for hosting us at both the Peppa Pig show as well as at their casino. We had an absolute blast and cannot wait for our next visit!

For more information on SUNCOAST Durban visit their website: or follow them on Instagram:

Until next time, 

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