Le Toy Van Honeybake Mixer Set and Honeybake Blender

You cannot go wrong with any toy that ignites a bit of creativity and imagination. Whenever I get asked for birthday or Christmas present ideas my go to is always something that has to do with role play and a bit of imagination. Foodie / cooking toys are always a winner in my books. Maybe it is because playing kitchen was one of my favourite things to do as a kid or the fact that there are gorgeous items on the market today for our kids.

Foodie and cooking toys are also a unisex toy. Both girls and boys love playing kitchen. Whether it’s making tea, cutting fruit or washing dishes – it’s something they can both do.

As part of my series of Christmas gift ideas from KeaChea I am super excited to share two incredibly beautiful Le Toy Van wooden toys. Now if you have never physically seen a Le Toy Van Toy – I have to tell you they are honestly next level! Their quality is exceptional and you know it will last a couple of generations! Although they are a little more expensive then Melissa & Doug – These UK hand painted toys are worth every penny and are absolutely beautiful.

Maddie (and I) spent the past two months playing with two incredible Le Toy Van Toys which we think are totally worth adding to your child’s Christmas list if you are looking for something special that they will play with for years and years to come…


Le Toy Van Honeybake Mixer Set
The Le Toy Van retro style mixer has had me in heart eyes since I unboxed it. It is so beautiful – it could be real! The set consists of a wooden play mixer with rotating whisk, detachable bowl as well as a couple of accessories including; flour, sugar, a bottle of milk with a detachable velcro lid and a crackable egg held together with velcro.

Maddie and I have had some baking fun in her kitchen with this beautifully painted wooden mixer. Maddie has had fun developing her coordination skills and exploring lots of role-play adventures like pretending to be mommy or daddy in the kitchen.

The set retails at R860. 

Le Toy Van Honeybake Blender Set
Chop, cut and count your way to a healthy lifestyle! The Le Toy Van Honeybake Blender Set encourages creative, social and imaginative role-play through making smoothies. The blender is complete with a detachable jug, six sliceable fruits, a play knife and two wooden tumblers with re-moveable toppings.


The Le Toy Van ‘Fruit and Smooth’ Blender set is a fun and interactive toy that encourages creative role play. Maddie has enjoyed choosing the fruit for her smoothie, ‘cutting’ it in half, adding it to the blender, turn the clicking dial and rustle up a fruity drink – making sound effects and all! Then, detaching the jug from the base and ‘pouring’ her smoothie! Topping the drink with one of the included toppers and sipping her smoothie!


The set retails for R955.

Both toys have been a massive hit with Maddie. Super fun, a beautiful edition to her kitchen and something we have all enjoyed playing along with. The mixer would be a great gift for the girls while the blender for the boys.

Here’s a video of the toys in action: 

KeaChea are offering my followers 20% off the purchase of one or both of these Le Toy Van toys. Simply use the discount code: maddie20 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase. They deliver nationally. SHOP: Honeybake Mixer Set and Honeybake Blender Set. The discount will run until Monday, 9 December while stocks last.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review!



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