Melissa & Doug Baby Care Activity Center

I cannot think of a better set to bring dolls to life! Like every little girl (I am sure) playing dolls is one of their favourite things to do. I know as a child I played with dolls well into my teens. Now that Maddie is starting to show more and more interest in playing ‘mommy and baby’ I had to get her a Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Care Activity Center. I mean… have you seen it?


If you have been a follower of mine for a while now – you will know that I am a MASSIVE Melissa & Doug fan! I am yet to find a Melissa & Doug product that I don’t like. Their quality is always incredible – like pass down to generations kind of stuff and they are incredibly innovative in the products. This Baby Care Activity Center blew me out of the water. For many reasons…



This multi-functional doll (there is also a stuffed animal baby care activity center) has everything kids need to nurture and play with their special babies! The sturdy wooden center includes a kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and high chair.

A changing and bathing area features a bathtub with spray nozzle and flip-down changing mat, a mirror, wipes dispenser, diaper disposal chute, and washing machine with clicking dial.

The nursery area has a rocking cradle, clothing storage, and shuttered window with a reversible card that can be flipped to a daytime or nighttime scene.


Having spent nearly three months giving the product a proper test and feel, Maddie has absolutely loved having their very own space to nurture and care for her babies- yes she has twins but we will get to that just now!


My personal favourite part of the set? The ACCESSORIES! There are five packets to choose from including:

Mealtime play set:
The 24-piece realistic meal time set has every baby-feeding accessory you could imagine. All perfectly sized for dolls and stuffed animals! The set includes; a “disappearing” milk bottle, sippy cup, baby food jars with lids, double-sided meal, snack, and drink inserts, cereal O’S, boxed rice cereal, teething biscuits, and an applesauce squeeze pouch, an embroidered wipe-clean bib, a divided dish, fork, spoon, and a snack container with ladybug-shaped lid.


Toy time play set: 
The toy time play set includes 16 realistic playtime accessories including a play mat with two-part activity gym and three removable hanging toys which can be folded up, a bunny hand puppet, wooden three-ring stacker, three wooden ABC-123 blocks, a durable textured ball and a story book. 


Changing and bath time play set:
The Changing & Bathtime Play Set helps kids bathe, change, and care for their dolls with 19 pieces. The set includes the cutest hooded owl bath towel, lotion bottle with pump, soap and dish, shampoo and bubble bath bottles, a rubber duck, bath book, washcloth, bird-shaped comb, baby wipes in a dispenser box, ointment tube and two sizes of diapers.


Bedtime play set: 
Probably my favourite of all the sets. This 11-piece set includes a sleep sack and blanket with adorable animal characters, a stuffed toy bunny, spinning mobile, working night-light which takes real batteries, a lotion tube, pacifier and a bedtime book. It even includes a cute owl-shaped play baby monitor which clips on a flat surface of the centre and can flip forward to “keep an eye” on their sleeping baby. Brilliant right?


AND THE DOLLS! Yip, you guessed it! Adding the Melissa & Doug Mine to Love range – the Twins Luke & Lucy Dolls! Twice the fun cause mom and dad can join in the fun too! They are just under 40cms long and in my opinion the perfect size! They have adorable coordinating removable rompers and caps. Their eyes open and close, and they can suck their thumbs or the included pacifiers


I absolutely love how the Mine to Love center and accessories bring play play babies to life! I have found myself stunned at how realistic playing dolls in this center with Maddie has felt! It has truly encouraged empathy and has helped her express herself and her ideas as she’s explored grown-up roles and responsibilities. It may be pricy and a very big spoil purchase for that extra special birthday or Christmas present but after having spent time with the center we would definitely say it is worth every cent. Made to last, innovative and super fun! 

Here’s the center in action: 

The center retails for R3580 and the accessories are R490 a set, the twins are R585.  Keachea are offering my followers 20% off the center and the accessories when using the discount code: maddie20 at checkout. The discount is valid until Tuesday, 17 December.


Until next time, 

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