The appeal of country living with Springvale…

The thought of living the country lifestyle has always appealed to me. Rolling lawns of lush green grass, waking up to the chirping of birds, fetching the morning eggs and long walks around the farm… it honestly seems like the most incredible lifestyle. The only thing that snaps me out of this dream is the fact that I love ‘big city’ living too and well, I wish I could have the best of both worlds. The peace and quiet of country living but the close proximity of all the amenities like shops, schools and hospitals and the safety and security of living close to your neighbours brings. It is quite often impossible to have the best of both worlds! Or is it?

Now more than ever being a mom, I can totally see the appeal of country living. Having large open plains of space for Maddie to run on grass under her feet and sunshine on her hair all the wile finishing off the day with muddy toes, a sandy smile and exhausted from her adventures. I’d love a space to let her go and give her a space to grow.

Waking up to a body of glistening water in the morning’s sun watching Brett and Maddie catch-and-release some fish in the dams, witnessing the natural beauty of the plants and trees growing and sprouting, but most importantly having the choice to cultivate a life in touch with nature… where watering the vegetable garden and picking herbs for the evening’s dinner becomes a way of life for our family.

It would be incredible to allow Maddie the opportunity to plant her own lemon tree and to watch it grow to one day make lemonade. I’d love to have Maddie experience a farm to fork lifestyle where she sees first hand the veggies grow in the garden and pick her own tomatoes. All while being safe and secure on our home ground. I often do feel like we sacrifice space and serenity for convenience – smaller houses, closer together, fewer pets and more rules. In today’s fast paced world, we seem to have lost the art of laid back farm-style living.

I was recently introduced to the brand new affordable, farm-style living that is on offer on the KZN North Coast called Springvale Country Estate in Sheffield. Earlier this month we were invited to their friends and family of Springvale event and got to experience a small piece of what they have to offer the property market here in KwaZulu-Natal. We were shown the ‘blank canvas’ to ignite our imagination to what is possible on a piece of land on the estate would mean for the families who purchase land. Guests were invited to Birdhaven to ignite their imagination as to what they can do with a blank canvas. Mike and Mary Graham shared their journey with guests of how they bought a piece of barren sugar cane land and turned it into their own dream home… igniting one’s imagination as to what is possible with a blank canvas and their plots.

Watch How it all started here:

We also got to experience for ourselves what it feels like to have space and what space means to Maddie. For me personally – it was a true validation of the importance of space and how it allows kids to roam and explore. The kiddies at the event went wild running around and I can totally envisage Maddie playing old school games like stalk the lantern!

With space and security being the two most important factors in creating this unique estate, Springvale Country Estate is about bring together space, nature, family and friendships in a safe haven. A space where we can have four dogs, two cats and a collection of chickens and ducks. Space, security and a large homestead plot has become attainable at Springvale Country Estate with homestead plots ranging from 2100m2 to 48002m priced from an unbelievable R1.3 million. The estate covers 58ha and there will be 121 homes built altogether. There’s a 10m building line between properties which means you could fit a squash court in between you and your neighbour.

Springvale is family friendly at its core with a unique offering that gives homeowners their piece of the countryside near the coast, secure and spacious, while still close enough to the shops, schools and hospitals of Ballito.

The estate will be protected by first-class security systems. CCTV cameras will be strategically positioned and constantly monitored and biometric access controls the entry of residents and visitors. The estate perimeter will also regularly be inspected and the guard house manned 24 hours a day.

There will be MTB tracks and walking trails amongst the abundance of beautiful local trees including Flat Crowns, Coral Trees, Mahoganies and Fever Trees. A tennis court, a kids play park and a clubhouse pool set on the bank of the Island Dam which will serve as a central meeting point where homeowners can come together and create a sense of community. With a development ethos that focuses on respecting existing ecosystems and interacting with the natural word in a sensitive and mindful way, Springvale’s aim is to continue to nurture their piece of the countryside with those they share it with.

Kids will have the freedom to explore and engage with the environment around them. Fishing at one of the catch-and-release dams or enjoy some sandwiches at one of the shady picnic spots. New parents can also safely take their babies for a stroll in one of the dedicated pram paths set off the tar road. Furry family members are also catered for with dedicated dog parks, one of which is specifically reserved for smaller breeds. And if you’re a runner, biker or hiker, there will be more than eight kilometres of trail that runs throughout the beautiful estate.

There’s really no reason not to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

Springvale Country Estate are hoping to break ground mid-year and the launch of phase 3. Read more on estate living at Springvale Country Estate here:

This post is a paid partnership with Springvale Country Estate.

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