No red Winter noses here…

As much as I truly love Winter, (I am a proper Winter baby) the one thing I dislike the most about Winter is a sore and chapped nose caused by frequently blowing or wiping my nose – irritating and damaging my skin and stripping away its natural moisture when those Winter sniffles start to creep in.

Whether caused by cold, ‘flu or allergies – a red, chapped nose can be uncomfortable and difficult to disguise. Even during lockdown, when working from home may have meant you could wear sweatpants all day, most of us still want to put our best face forward for video meetings and family chats.

One of the products that is always on hand and is part fo my ‘winter essentials’ is Letibalm! If you haven’t yet discovered this teeny tube of magic – you are about to believe that dynamite does come in small packages! Not only does it soothes, repairs and protects the skin around the nose and lips but it is formulated especially to care for this delicate area and contains active ingredients to calm the skin… and it works almost instantly!

Letibalm is available at Dis-Chem, selected Checkers and pharmacies for a recommended retail price of R88 each.

Ivohealth’s Oral Hygiene Advisor, Dirna Grobbelaar offered me some pretty useful remedies to share with my followers to help prevent and treat chafing on the nose: 

Use the correct wipe soft tissues or toilet paper, ideally infused with calendula or aloe vera, as these are kinder to the skin. Pat, rather than wipe, and avoid wet wipes which may contain fragrance or chemicals that could further irritate the skin.

Build a barrier – apply a balm, ointment or barrier cream to form a protective ‘seal’ over the skin. Letibalm is specifically designed to protect and repair the delicate skin around the nose and lips, with natural and active ingredients including ancient healing herb centella asiatica, nourishing cocoa butter and vitamin E. Apply regularly, several times a day, including before and after each time you blow your nose.

Keep the nasal passages moist – use a saline spray or homemade solution made with a cup of cool, boiled water and half a teaspoon of salt to flush the nose. Thinning the mucous will mean you blow less often.

Get steamy – steam helps relieve congestion and also moistens nasal passages. Sip hot, steamy soup and herbal teas throughout the day or give yourself a steam bath. Place your face above a bowl of steaming hot water and put a towel over your head to create a ‘steam tent’.

Up your fluid intake – drinking plenty of water and herbal teas helps hydrate your skin and nose from the inside.

For additional practical advice on oral care read Dirna Grobbelaar’s articles on the Ivohealth blog:

I have two family hampers to giveaway to two of my lucky followers. Each hamper will consist of Letibalm Nose and Lips Repair worth over R350 to soothe your family’s nose woes this winter! It’s packed with all four varieties of Letibalm, the only nose and lip repair balm in South Africa. There’s one suitable for every member of the family, even the baby: new Letibalm Junior Fluid (for 1 year and older), Letibalm Paediatric Balm (suitable from birth), regular Letibalm Fluid and original Letibalm. To stand a chance to WIN head over to my Instagram page or my Facebook page to enter.

Letibalm Nose & Lip Repair (with tissues)

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