My top five nursery must haves

There is something incredibly special about planning your baby’s nursery! I’d put it way up there with my wedding as one of my prized moments in which I saved for, planned for and manifested in my head for months on end before I had Maddie. If I look back there were a lot of things I in fact didn’t use and truly didn’t need to spend the money on. Now that I am having my second – I am way more prepared knowing exactly what I need to ensure I have in my nursery and what I really don’t need to worry about.

From changing mats to decoration, I have put together my top five items that I personally feel any new mom needs to add to her nursery…

1. The Bumbo changing pad
I made the mistake with Maddie and bought a very thin foam changing mat with a material covering. Not only must it have been super uncomfortable for Maddie, it got wet so easily and one too many accidents left it stained and unsightly in no time. Let’s just say it wasn’t long before we had replaced it!  Now that I am having another baby – I was super excited to have added the Bumbo changing pad to our nursery. This innovative changing mat ticks all the right boxes! It’s an all in one portable platform made from luxurious high quality foam so it’s soft and comfortable for changing your baby between the ages of 0 to 18 months, that is easy to clean – it can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth and mild detergent. It has raised side walls for support, an ergonomic design with indentation for your baby’s head, offering neck support and it is contoured to provide safety and support. A bonus is that it also has a soft woven restraint belt to gently keep your baby in place and within arm’s reach. The changing mat also comes in a host of beautiful colours to fit any nursery pallet including; coral, cradle pink, hemlock green, powder blue, cool grey and mimosa yellow. Another bonus is it is lightweight and easy to move around the house and can double as a play mat paired with Bumbo’s Stages Safari play centre from three months up.
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2. A comfortable nursing chair

Another purchase I wish we had made before Maddie was born is a practical nursing chair! I had bought a traditional wooden rocking chair which looked pretty but was so uncomfortable! Considering I nursed Maddie until the age of three – if I had invested in a good upholstered comfy nursery rocker-glider nursing chair it would have paid for itself a hundred times over! In those early days you can easily spend 45 minutes to an hour at minimum sitting in the chair nursing or rocking baby to sleep so having a chair that won’t hurt your back but rather support it – is hugely important!

3. A sleeping pod
I am a huge advocate for a sleeping pod. Another product I used with Maddie until she outgrew it at three-years-old! Babies go from being tight and snug in the womb – nurtured and cozy surrounding to born into a ‘big environment’. Babies feel calmer being in a smaller environment like a sleeping pod, which mimics the mother’s womb. A good quality sleeping pod can also be multi-functional for lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling – something you can take anywhere.

4. A night light
A subtle, dim light is a must in a baby nursery. Not only can it  provide a soothing ambiance that will help lull your baby back to sleep when he or she wakes up but a night light also makes it easier to check up on baby without having to turn on a harsh bright light or lamp. Now days they gave incredible options that even double as teddies and play soothing songs.

5. A portable heater
Whether you have a Winter or Summer baby, a small portable header on baby’s compactum next to their changing mat is a must have. That warmth in between nappy changes – especially during those late night or early morning feeds – undressing baby in the cold could wake him or her up and make them a lot harder to settle. Popping on a portable header can warm up the changing mat beautifully before changes or after bath time.

This is a paid for partnership with Bumbo Distribution South Africa.


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