Our 4 in 1 Jazz Cot

Nothing quite hits home that you’re having a baby, quite like putting a cot in a room! Last month our absolutely gorgeous Jazz Cot from Happy Toddler Beds arrived and our hearts exploded! We’re having a baby!

If you caught my Instagram post – Brett and Maddie built our Jazz Cot and they really had such fun putting it together!

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I had a good cry… it’s REAL! Our nursery has a COT! It’s official… we’re having a baby soon, soon 💗 this past weekend Maddie and Brett took on the task of building our baby girl’s brand new cot and to say Maddie took the responsibility very seriously- is an understatement! She got stuck in with her dad and her excitement was next level as she pieced together the cot! We decided to invest in a Jazz cot / co-sleeper from @happytoddlerbeds – not only is it a beautiful and practical baby cot but it’s also a co-sleeper and toddler bed! Yip! It’s four-in-one! This contemporary cot has been designed for babies and toddlers from birth to seven years old! The design allows you to change the configuration of your cot depending on the needs of you and your baby. It can be converted to a co-sleeper through those late night and early morning breast feeds and want baby close and when your toddler is ready and independent it can then be converted from a cot to a toddler bed with a safety rail! And when your toddler outgrows their toddler bed you can remove the rail and it can be a mini couch! How brilliant? We are over the moon to be partnering with @happytoddlerbeds and are offering 5% off the Jazz cot or Lia bed when using the discount code Monique5. Seriously though… how cute is Maddie helping her dad prepare for her sister’s arrival! My heart 💗💗 #Partnership

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The decision to choose the Jazz Cot from Happy Toddler Beds was a no brainer. This beautiful, practical cot is incredibly innovative in that it can be used FOUR different ways! The design allows you to easily change the configuration of the cot depending on the needs of you and your precious baby! The Jazz Cot can be used as;

1. A traditional cot

2. A Co-Sleeper

It can be converted to a co-sleeper to assist through those trying times when you are breastfeeding through the night and your baby just wants to be close to you and feel your skin.

3. A toddler bed and 4. A Couch

When your toddler is ready and independent, convert the cot to a beautiful toddler bed by putting the toddler safety rail on.

When your toddler outgrows their toddler bed, remove the side rail completely and let your little one enjoy a gorgeous mini couch.

That’s four products in one gorgeous contemporary cot designed with an understanding of the sleeping needs of your baby and toddler from 0 months to seven years of age! It made financial sense to go with Happy Toddler Beds with this reasoning alone! We can be sure that this cot will grow with baby as she grows and we won’t need to further invest in a bed for her and eventually use the cot in the girls’ playroom as a couch!

We are over the moon with this beautiful piece and cannot wait for our baby girl to enjoy her cot, co-sleeper, toddler bed and couch as she grows! I have no doubt we are going to love this investment in our home and baby nursery!

The Jazz Cot retails for R7500 with the option of adding on a beautiful hanging canopy tent or braided cot bumper. Shop here!

I have an exclusive discount code for my readers. ‘Monique5‘ gets you 5% off the purchase of the Jazz Cot or the Lia Bed.

For more information visit happytoddlerbeds.co.za/

This post is in #partnership with Happy Toddler Beds

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