A letter to my second born…

It’s hard to believe that in just over a week you will be living and breathing outside of my rounded belly. As I sit and type this, I feel you twisting and turning around my tummy. Those little legs kicking about… you’re one active little babe! I will miss feeling you growing inside of me.

I am one proud mama! Growing you and your sister inside of my body will always be my proudest, most miraculous achievement, gift and blessing that will ever be granted to my being.

In just over a week’s time you will take your first breath and be born into the craziness that has been 2020. A pandemic baby! There will be stories you will one day tell your kids about and it will certainly be a time in my life that I will never, ever forget. Through the uncertainty, fear and anxiety that has surrounded the year of your birth, one thing that has remained constant is my hope in you! You were the massive blessing we needed, that we held onto throughout the craziness that surrounded us.

To think that there was a time in our lives that we didn’t foresee you part of our family, to think we had closed the book on the possibility of YOU! God knew that YOU were the missing piece to our puzzle. YOU were always part of His plan for our lives. We needed YOU! Your sister needed YOU! Jesus needs YOU! YOU are part of HIS plan and He has BIG plans for your little life! And I am brought to my knees that He chose your daddy and I to raise you, with His hand, His provision, His grace… we get to call you ours! We get to love YOU beyond what we thought were the parameters of our hearts.

Over the past nine months, you have been our hope through what would have been a difficult time. You provided us with excitement, joy, preparation, love and anticipation! We want nothing more than to bring you home to your family.

Your sister Maddison, loves you so madly, so deeply! Her love for you is tangible! She not only spoke you to life, far before you were planted in mommy’s womb, but she knew you by name… she told us that you would be! She cannot wait to meet you. To hold you. To love you. To be your forever friend! I pray that this deep love that she shares for you never, ever runs thin. I pray that the bond you two will share will forever root you! I am so grateful that Jesus has blessed you both with one another. Sisters… a love I believe will be second to none. I cannot wait to witness your love and friendship grow deeper and deeper the older you two become. I am brought to tears by the reality of YOU! By you and your sister!

You will love your big sister, Maddie. She is going to teach you a lot. She is going to love and protect you like no other! You are going to be the apple of her eye! You will experience her deep love, compassion and kindness that is your sister, Maddie. Jesus shines through her. You will learn a lot from her and I have no doubt that you will forever have a role model in your big sister.

I cannot wait to hold you tight in my arms soon, soon baby girl. I cannot wait to call you mine. To see your big eyes looking up at me. To kiss those chubby cheeks. To love and nurture you. I cannot wait to see who you look more like. To learn your character. To watch you grow up into your own unique person. I cannot wait for you to bring so much love and happiness to each one of our family member’s lives! You are already so, so loved!

You are so incredibly lucky to have your dad. His gentle, soft and patient heart will forever be yours. He will raise you with an abundance of love, laughter, guidance, knowledge and deep compassion. You will forever have a friend and cheerleader in your dad. You and your sister are incredibly blessed with the best!

As you continue to grow and develop in mommy’s tummy for your last few days… we are patiently waiting to bring you home. I thank Jesus for this undeserved blessing. I thank Jesus for taking the wheel. For teaching your mom about trust beyond boarders. For allowing your mom to throw caution to the wind in trusting in His plan. For giving me the strength and courage to be able to have you join our family. For allowing my womb, my body and my being to grow you within. I thank Jesus for the strength and provision. Your life is a testament of God’s Grace and unfailing love.

I promise to forever keep His light burning within you. You will know of His love, grace and provision throughout your life. He will never be a stranger to you. He will always be deep routed within you, your anchor!

I cannot wait to love you forever baby girl…

Soon soon!

Your mama

A huge thank you to the incredibly talented Taryn Van Rensburg Photography for once again capturing my maternity shoot beautifully as you did with Maddie’s maternity shoot four years ago! You are so easy to work with, you made Maddie feel at ease within minutes, you worked with the light so magically and captured these incredible moments so perfectly! Thank you! I cannot wait to have you photograph our baby girl a few days after her birth for her new born shoot at your studios.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Taryn Van Rensburg Photography is offering my readers and followers an exclusive discount of 30% off a family, new born or sister session photoshoot when quoting ‘Being Maddie’s Mom’ when booking. Email taryn@tarynvanrensburg.co.za to book.

T&Cs apply:

  • Book and pay by end October 2020
  • Use by end January 2021
  • Valid tor family, newborn and sitter sessions
  • Discount doesn’t apply on already discounted packages (such as a maternity/newborn package)

Photographs: tarynvanrensburg.co.za/
My dress: Bianca Warren |biancawarren.com/
Maddie’s dress: Castaway Love | Lifestyle Centre Ballito
Flower crowns: Boutique Crowns | 079 224 6144 | boutiquecrowns@gmail.com
Earrings: Luxe Leather Earrings | www.luxeleather.co.za/

Until next time, 

www.beingmaddiesmom.com | @being_maddies_mom


One thought on “A letter to my second born…

  1. One blog that I loved reading! Giving Jesus the glory and showing a humble, thankful heart! Now this is a blog/ story that will inspire and give hope to others. Beautifully written. Congrats and sending love for next week. How exciting xxx


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