What’s in my hospital bag?

Packing my hospital bag as well as baby’s nappy bag this past weekend (yes, at the eleventh hour, I know) made the reality hit hard! I am having my baby girl in just a few short sleeps. My caesarean is booked for 21 October!

Packing a hospital bag feels so different to packing a weekend bag, there is so much thought and planning that goes into what to pack and things to consider for the stay. Personally I found this pack a harder one than I did with Maddie – thanks to COVID and how different my experience is bound to be with the changes.

– Will I stay for one night, two or three?
– There won’t be a baby nursery so baby will be with me the entire time.
– Once Brett leaves after the birth, he’s likely not be be allowed back in… so I can’t rely on him to bring me anything I may have forgotten or need.
– Will they allow me to bring this, or that?

After carefully considering what I need and with some help from you via Instagram, I think what I have packed and will take with will cater for all mine and baby’s needs to ensure we have an as comfortable stay as humanly possible during this pandemic.

So I thought I would share with you what I have packed in both mine and baby’s bags and what we will be taking with us:

– 3x comfortable outfits (mostly leggings and tank tops with lose fitting tops or wraps to go over) and a pair of sandals
– 2x pairs of button up PJs and slippers
– 4x sets of undies, breastfeeding bras and socks

– 2x packets of Maternity pads
– Breast shields and breast pads
– Breast pump and nipple cream
Mrs Milk lactation bars

– Shower gel
– Loofah and face cloth
– Own towel
– Toothpaste and toothbrush
– Facial cleanser and moisturiser
– Lip balm
– Dry shampoo
– Hairbrush and scrunchies
– Make up bag

– Empty packets
– Ear pods, cellphone charger and power bank
– Extention cord and adaptor
– Snacks (dried fruit and nuts) and drinks – bottles of water and juices
– Own pillow


– A packet of nappies
– A packet of wet wipes / cotton wool
– Bum cream
– Baby cream
– Face clothes
– Dummy and dummy clip
– Towel

– Two warm blankets
– Four hospital bags from Little containing sets: an outfit each, receiver / swaddle blanket, beanie / hat and socks
– A going home outfit

– Netcells Stem Cell Storage Kit
– Breastfeeding pillow
Sleepyhead & her Lilly n’ Jack cot blanket

All packed and ready for our BIG day tomorrow!

Wish us luck!

My hospital bag is the Personalized Weekender combo from Hansel & Gretel. The large bag and vanity bag is made from a combination of UV protected, water resistant fabric with leather handles, base and sling. Perfect as a hospital bag for moms or weekend getaway!

Until next time, 

www.beingmaddiesmom.com | @being_maddies_mom

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