Let’s face it… our kids enjoy a sugary treat from time to time! I know how much Maddie enjoys a small packet of sweets as her treat. It’s a highlight for her to choose something at the shops every weekend.

Even though she doesn’t eat a lot of sweets, I still worry about the amount of sugar in the sweets she eats and the effects it will have on her teeth! Let’s face it… often these sugary treats are PACKED with a crazy amount of sugar!

I was recently introduced to a healthier alternative to the sugary sweets we offer our kids… Sugarlean is a high quality confectionery range that is gluten free, low in carbs and has no added sugar. They have recently launched their ‘reduced’ range to their product range offering which is absolutely perfect for kids and we were sent a generous sample to try.

Sugarlean‘s kids range include Solar Candy and Moon Candy – a fun take on space and the solar system!

Solar Candy are yellow candy coated chocolate buttons with 30% reduced sugar.

The nutritional info on this bag includes; 972KJ of energy, 28.6g sugar, 3.9g fibre and 232 calories per bag.

Moon Candy are delicious candy coated chocolate speckled eggs also with 30% reduced sugar.

The nutritional info on this bag includes; 989KJ of energy, 25.4g sugar, 4.5g fibre and 237 calories per bag.

The packaging is fun and playful featuring fun facts about space and the planets. Each bag has a decent amount of sweets in each 50g pack and the packaging is incredibly high quality with an easy tear corner.

They taste absolutley delicious! None of that bitter aftertaste sugar-free products usually have and full of creamy flavour you’d expect from a chocolate coated candy.

Each bag retails for R29, 99 so a little more than you’d typically spend on a small packet of sweets for your kids but I would definitely say that there is more than one serving per packet.

Maddie is able to indulge in all the ‘sweetness’ with Sugarlean while satisfying her sweet tooth craving without me feeling the guilt of offering her that packet of sweets!

You can shop Sugarlean Reduced range on their online store here:

This is a paid partnership with Sugarlean


  1. Definitely going to give this a try. My kids eat way too much candy and I’ve been searching for something that would lessen the mom guilt for allowing them to over-indulge.


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