Sugarlean Kids Reduced Sugar Sweets

Late last year I shared a healthier alternative to the sugary sweets made by Sugarlean – a high quality confectionery range that is gluten free, low in carbs and has no added sugar. They recently launched their ‘reduced’ range to their product range offering which is absolutely perfect for kids that we were sent to sample. If you missed our full review check out the blog post here!

The exciting news is they have added two new delicious sweets to their offering including Comet Candy – chocolate coated coconut and Asteroid Candy – chocolate coated raisins.

These delicious new flavour offerings from Sugarlean are just up my ally and although they are aimed at kids, I love that I can also munch on a packet and reduce my sugar intake with these candy packs as they are 30% reduced candy.

True to Sugarlean – the packaging is fun and playful featuring fun facts about space and the planets. Each bag has a decent amount of sweets in each 50g pack and the packaging is incredibly high quality with an easy tear corner.

They taste absolutley delicious! None of that bitter aftertaste sugar-free products usually have and full of creamy flavour you’d expect from a chocolate coated candy.

Each bag retails for R29, 99 so a little more than you’d typically spend on a small packet of sweets for your kids but I would definitely say that there is more than one serving per packet.

Yay for more delicious candy options to treat Maddie to without me feeling the guilt of offering her that packet of sweets! #GuiltFree snacking!

You can shop Sugarlean Reduced range on their online store here:

This is a paid partnership with Sugarlean


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