Looking back with Uber Eats

Having just passed the one year anniversary since South Africa went into a lockdown. It’s crazy to think how much the past year has changed all of our lives. The 23rd of March 2020 will be a day I will never forget. The government announced a 21-day lockdown from 27 March 2020 for 30 days and to date, we are still in lockdown and remain unsure of when things will return to ‘normal’ again. One thing the past year has taught me is just how much to appreciate the little things! Things like family, the outdoors, a favourite meal and convenience. 

One thing that sticks out for me during those first five weeks was the mundane… we have always been a family who love exploring, adventuring and enjoying a meal at our favourite restaurants and cafes. We missed this so incredibly much during those first few weeks. Home cooked meals were fun and exciting for a week or two until everything started tasting the same and we craved something different! I remember going to the grocery store and you couldn’t even get a hot pie or rotisserie chicken – all hot foods were shut down!

A day I will never forget was 1 May… the day takeaways were allowed to operate and we could FINALLY enjoy a taste of something different! I will never forget the excitement of opening up Uber Eats to see which of our local restaurants were open for takeaway. I can still taste that Spur burger I ordered!

Over the months that followed and up until today, Uber Eats has fit into our lives and has allowed us to indulge in a treat over the weekend, a midweek takeaway when we’ve had a tough day at work and don’t feel like cooking to ordering essentials like groceries or medicine for us. Not only have they allowed us to minimise contact where possible with going out unnecessarily but they have proven time and time again, order after order that it is safer for us to order via Uber Eats than picking up takeaways ourselves. Things like contactless deliveries and leave my order at the door, allows us to minimise interactions where possible while still being able to enjoy good food and support our local restaurants and cafes.

Now that both Brett and I are working from home and have two small children to juggle and find a balance between home and work life, it’s great to know that we can rely on Uber Eats for the nights we have zero energy or enthusiasm to prepare a meal. Uber Eats has our back! 

This past Easter weekend, we had Brett’s parents over and we reflected on last year’s long weekend and how we all had to remain a part in our own homes – it was a depressing time for us all as we couldn’t see friends and family. We were incredibly happy that we could all be together this year and celebrate Easter over a meal, together! Just this weekend we used Uber Eats twice – we braaied some steaks and ordered some yummy sides from our favourite restaurant to allow us to maximise our time time with our family outside in the open air and sunshine without having to worry about preparing salads or food. We also ended off the long weekend with a family favourite – something quick, easy, effortless and yummy as we were all tired and didn’t feel like the effort of cooking.

Uber Eats still makes life convenient now, and remains our favourite go-to-delivery app. 

A few Uber Eats features that I love: 

● I can schedule my orders – so I can order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window–and as far as a week out.

● I can customise the drop-off… whether I am at home, at the office or even relaxing with your family at the park, I can enter even more specific instructions and request to “meet your food at the curb,” or have my food “delivered to the door.

● I can track my order and watch in real-time as my food is prepared, picked up, and delivered to me.

● I receive personalised recommendations whenever I open my Uber Eats app, like our go-tos, less than 30-minute delivery options, and popular options near me based on past orders and details like time of day and delivery location.

● I can filter for the right food – exploring is as easy looking up restaurants according to specific criteria like speed, price, and dietary constraints.

● Uber Eats is an sustainably-conscious app and I love that it features a utensil opt-in option, that encourages the positive upkeep of the environment around us. The new Utensil Opt-In option, prompts me to request for cutlery. 

● Given the times we are living in – the contactless delivery option is a must! Uber introduced a contactless- delivery option last year that allows you to request that you meals be “left at the door” for a no-contact delivery.

This is a paid partnership with Uber Eats.


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