The natural goodness of Rooibos and BOS

A family favourite out of the hot summer days we have just come out of, a lunch box favourite, a cocktail mix, a poolside favourite and a health shot to keep us in good nick… all while enjoying the goodness of Rooibos, BOS has been our go-to in the fridge (and freezer) this year! Seriously, our fridge has never looked so COLOURFUL with the bold selection of premium BOS World products.

There is something for everyone in the BOS range of refreshing Rooibos infused drinks. From their dairy free, no added sugar or preservatives Icys to the health shots and sparkling unsweetened tea, we all have our personal favourite BOS drink in our house. 

As a mom (and a wife) I love that I can rest assured knowing that I am buying the best for my husband and our five-year-old (as well as myself) when stocking the fridge with BOS… best part (other than the fact that the range is super refreshing), is that I can order online and have my BOS order delivered straight to my door. 

We really try and limit our soda intake and while we do enjoy a refreshing can of cold drink, we love that BOS cater for this desire while affording our family the scientifically proven health benefits of rooibos including; 

  • Packed with antioxidants to slow down the ageing process 
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals which help detox and feel more energetic 
  • Naturally caffeine free to promote better sleep
  • Neuro-protective to help boost the brain 
  • Anti-inflammatory to assist with muscle recovery
  • Lowers cortisol levels to help reduce stress 

I love that BOS products are naturally caffeine free, packed with antioxidants and rich in rooibos, and the Rooibos that BOS uses is organic, sustainably farmed and hand harvested in Cederberg. A few of our family favourites in the full BOS range include: 


BOS Fruit Icys are a healthy freeze-at-home fruit ice confection. Made with a combination of organic rooibos and real fruit juice with no added sugar or preservatives, they are a dairy-free refreshing treat that Maddie loves! They are perfect for a pool side treat, lunch box addition or a refreshing midday treat. I have loved having these in my freezer! They are available in three delicious flavours including: cherry, grape and tropical. 

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Available in four variants, each 50ml shot is packed with the benefits of brewed organic rooibos, a healthy dose of functional ingredients, and natural fruit juice.

The range includes: Bounce Back immunity shot, Chill Out (CBD), Let it Glow (Collagen) and Gut a Problem? (Probiotic).

Chill Out (CBD) helps you to relax and stay calm – it contains brewed organic rooibos, 1mg of broad spectrum hemp derived CBD and sour cherry juice. CBD is characterised by its ability to act on the cannabinoid receptors that form part of our endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS enables communication between our cells to maintain internal balance. Rooibos significantly reduces stress hormone levels by decreasing the activity of enzymes involved in the production of these stress hormones. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and promotes relaxation, while the sour cherry juice is rich in melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep.  Together, these powerful ingredients work to help people who struggle with anxiety to relax and “chill out”.

The Let It Glow (Collagen) shot’s combination of brewed organic rooibos tea, strawberry juice, raspberry juice, grape juice, and hydrolysed collagen peptides, assists in reducing the effects of ageing by fighting free radical damage and increasing the skin’s elasticity. Rooibos is rich in antioxidants which bind with free-radicals to prevent cellular damage and reduce the risk of various age-related diseases. Furthermore, it contains alpha hydroxy acid, one of the most widely used anti-ageing agents. Strawberry and raspberry juice are both rich in Vitamin C (required for collagen synthesis) and antioxidants (which bind with free-radicals to reduce wrinkles and repair age-related skin damage). Consuming collagen peptides has been shown to have beneficial effects on skin health as it reduces the appearance of ageing by increasing skin elasticity, skin hydration, dermal collagen density and wound healing. The collagen in this shot is bioactive and hydrolysed which makes it easily digestible by humans.  The powerful combination of active ingredients in this variant is designed to tackle the effects of ageing on the skin and to help you “Let It Glow”.

The Gut a Problem? (Probiotic) shot supports gut health with brewed organic rooibos tea, grape juice, probiotics and apple cider vinegar. The antioxidants present in Rooibos act as a prebiotic in our gut and have a calming effect on the digestive system. Grape juice is rich in resveratrol – a polyphenol that inhibits chronic inflammatory disorders – and is also rich in polyphenols that act like prebiotics in the gut. Apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid, an active compound that kills harmful bacteria in the gut. Bacillus coagulans is a probiotic strain that relieves diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and intestinal gas. Each BOS probiotic shot contains 1 Billion colony forming units (CFU) of Bacillus coagulans per serving, a daily dose that is scientifically proven to be effective in great gut health. These days there is a huge focus on the importance of gut health, and the potent combination of ingredients in this variant is designed for those who have “Gut A Problem”.

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The epitome of all the pleasure without measure, BOS Sparkling Unsweetened Ice Tea is deemed the holy grail of all drinks, and I cannot agree more! Made with lightly sparkling water, enhanced with organic rooibos and a dash of natural fruit and botanical flavours, it is not only extremely refreshing, but super healthy too. With no sugar, sweeteners or caffeine. The Sparkling Unsweetened is my absolute FAVE of the BOS range! The flavour options are super refreshing! White peach and elderflower, pineapple and coconut as well as blueberry and jasmine… Hmmm!

I also love that I can make delicious cocktails or mocktails using the range and adding gin, rum or vodka and a handful of ingredients like fresh pineapple, a lime wedge, mint leaves and ice… Check out BOS’ Rooibos recipes here! (

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We all love BOS refreshing ice tea and it’s a favourite at our breakfast table! Made with 100% organic rooibos and natural fruit flavours. It’s caffeine free, rich in antioxidants and low in kilojoules. Their variety of refreshing flavours also keeps our choices of ice tea exciting at each sitting. 

Flavours include: lemon, berry, peach, watermelon and minit and lime and ginger as well as sugar free options (made with Stevia – a natural sugar alternative) in peach or lemon. I also love that I can get the same flavours in different sizes; a 3 litre box, a 1 litre box, a 500ml plastic bottle, 330ml cans and 200ml boxes.

The 200ml juice boxes are perfect for lunch box fillers and Maddie loves the walkie talkie picture on the back of the boxes too! It’s a cute touch for kids! 

The ice teas also make great cocktails like a whiskey ginger fling and a BOS-mopolitan to name a few! 

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Nothing makes me feel more South African than a cup of Rooibos tea!

I love that BOS tea, like their entire range of products, is 100% organic, packed with antioxidants and essential minerals. A cup of their refreshing tea is naturally caffeine-free so I can enjoy it morning, noon and night. I also love that the teabags are fully compostable as they are made from 100% compostable PLA, a biopolymer made from sugar cane waste. They are also sold in a cool, retro tin that can be refilled with their teabags. 

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BOS is offering my followers a 10% discount code for the online store for the month of May and June. MONIQUE gets you 10% off any online purchase until the end of June 2021. You can also get an ongoing 5% off if you join BOS’s subscription service if you sign up for their home delivery each month. Check out for more details. 

For more information on BOS Brands and their Organic Ice Tea visit:


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