5 reasons we can’t live without our DockaTot

We were introduced to the well-known docking station for babies made in Sweden, Europe and loved globally, when Maddie was just six weeks old. In our review of the (then Sleepyhead, now known in South Africa as) DockaTot I mentioned how I thought I had everything I needed for Maddie when she was born but we only realised when we were gifted a pod for her that it was and still is our NUMBER 1 newborn essential!

To say we absolutely adore this brand is honestly an understatement! The moment we put Maddie in her first Sleepyhead, she didn’t ‘leave’ it until she outgrew her DockaTot Grand pod at just over three-years-old. Not only did it create a snug and soothing environment for her to play and lounge at home or on the go, it was HER safe space. A place where she felt safe, secure and content and honestly, we credit her love of sleep to this incredible pod.

It was an absolute no brainer to invest into a DockaTot with Charlie and we were well prepared this time with having her pod since day dot… it was even with us at the hospital when we had her.

There are MANY reasons why we love this multifunctional pod but here are our top five reasons why we highly recommend the investment:

  1. It provides a a snug and soothing environment – designed to ‘reinvent the womb’ – the DockaTot Deluxe can be used from birth to around eight months and perfectly ‘hugs’ your baby in a nurturing and cozy space. Charlie is happiest when sitting or lying in her DockaTot! Honestly! It’s great for supervised lounging, chilling and play time… we love that we can pop on her DockaTot toy arch and high contrast dangles and have her happily play while I work or cook with her near, safe and content. It’s great for tummy time too!
  2. It’s familiar – babies thrive on familiarity and whenever we travel or are out of routine (away from home) our DockaTot travels with us for Charlie to feel that sense of security of her safe space. We love that when we travel with it – we know Charlie will always have a safe place to be put. It’s lightweight and easy to travel with too which is a BIG bonus!
  3. It’s washable and changeable too! I absolutely love that I can easily take off it’s cover and pop it in the washing machine for a quick wash if an accident happens. The BEAUTIFUL prints, patterns and coloured covers also allow us to keep her pod new and exciting – as we change her nursery or her big girl room (when she’s in her Grand pod) we can purchase a new cover to match her room.
  4. It is INCREDIBLY well-made and designed! Anyone who has physically got their hands on a DockaTot cannot argue that it is a high-quality (and stylish) product – hence the price! They are MADE to last! Aside from the fact that it is durable, the DockATot’s design features include —handles in logical places to easily carry the pod as well as a clip-able extender opening at the bottom of the pod to release as baby grows.
  5. It’s not just for babies. Once Maddie outgrew her Duluxe pod at around 10 months and moved into the DockaTot Grand pod, the fun didn’t stop when she was ‘no longer a baby’. She carried on using it until she was over the age of three and to this day, she still plays in it with her teddies and watches TV in it.

We honestly don’t know what would do without our DockaTot and will always be high up on our personal must have list of baby essentials.

For more information on DockaTot visit dockatot.co.za/


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