5 ways you can help #SaveSA

Last week was a devastating week for South Africa, as protest action turned violent with looting, arson attacks and absolute destruction of infrastructure, warehouses, shopping malls and businesses.

To date, over 1199 retail stores were impacted and damaged including Cashbuild, Edgars, Famous Brands, Massmart, Mr Price, PEP, Spar, TFG and Woolworths stores. A hundred and thirteen communication infrastructures were significantly damaged, 161 malls, 11 warehouses, 8 factories, 161 liquor outlets and distributors and 200 shopping centres were looted and damaged, 100 of which were burnt or suffered significant fire damage. It is estimated R1,5 billion worth of stock has been stolen of the from the 3000 stores which were looted. Fifty thousand informal traders and 40 000 businesses have been affected – this will result in over 150 000 jobs losses with a R20 billion impact on the KZN GDP and R20 billion on the KZN GDP.

These numbers are scary and they will hugely impact thousands of households in KZN, Gauteng and around the country. Livelihoods will be at stake, informal traders will never reopen, small communities will go without basic human needs, tourism and investment in the country will decrease while the the elderly, dog shelters and baby homes will suffer donations and help they so massively depend on…

This past week I have been asked to please share some ways people can help and donate or volunteer to lend a hand, and I firmly believe if we all help, even in a small way – it all helps and has massive potential to make a huge impact. It will be a long road but we have to try start somewhere…

So here are just five ways you can help, whether you are near or far to help save not only KZN or Gauteng but #SaveSA…

The Umhlanga Lagoon 

A chemical plant at Cornubia, near Umhlanga, was set alight by looters on 13 July and while it continues to burn, the ocean is bearing the brunt of this. While firefighters work to contain the fire and extinguish it, run-off water and chemicals are spewing out to sea through storm water drains in the area, polluting the ocean and has essentially killed the Umhlanga lagoon which will take years to recover from the damage. A great deal of fish and crayfish have already washed up dead and beachgoers and surfers have been warned to stay out of the water, swinging has been banned in some parts of the beach and people have been urged to refrain from entering the lagoon or estuary. The Umhlanga Lagoon walk is one of Umhlanga’s most popular attractions for seeing bird life and river fish along the forest and board walk and with the new coffee shop coming it will attract even more tourism to the area. The Umhlanga UIP, the Umhlanga and Umdloti communities are appealing for support to help save the lagoon by tirelessly cleaning the estuary. The UIP will have full disclosure of donation and expenditure for the clean up and are appealing for EFT donations: 

uMhlanga Promenade UIP
Standard Bank
Umhlanga Ridge, RSA
Brand code: 057 829 
Account Number: 252 106 733 
Reference: Lagoon and your name and send a proof of payment to donne@3dprop.co.za 

For more information visit: @umhlangarocksu 

Clean Up Durban

Started by a Durbanite after the civil unrest broke out in KZN last week,Cindy Wadsworth started a Facebook page (which now has over 7, 700 followers) to provide a platform for everyday South African’s to lend a hand at helping clean not only the streets, roads and parking lots affected by this past week’s looting but also to any organisation and business needing assistance in their cleaning efforts. Over the past couple of days hundreds of volunteers from all over Durban have met at different locations around Durban with brooms, rakes, spades, refuse bags and a good spirit to play a small part in helping rebuild  South Africa. I had the honour in volunteering at one of their organised clean ups and it was incredible to witness how a gutted area was cleaned in under an hour by over a hundred volunteers!

If you’re keen to find out more and how you can get involved visit their page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/336010164676360

Gift of the Givers

The largest disaster response, non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent, The Gift of the Givers Foundation has been doing incredible work in the province over the last week. Working to unite people, with a common vision, to make a real and telling difference by serving mankind for the ‘Greater Good’ the NPO has provided assistance to the needy unconditionally – irrespective of human or animal, race, religion, colour, class, political affiliation of geographic location. The organisation takes on the responsible of delivering life-saving goods and on-the-ground support for innumerable people and restores the hope and dignity of the most vulnerable in their time of need, rebuilding prosperous communities and empowering leaders of tomorrow. Just this past week we’ve seen the organsation send several food trucks so KZN to hand out thousands of food parcels packed with essential food supplies, actively distributing bulk food supply, distribute fresh loaves of bread and milk, to communities in need, old age homes, frontline workers, students and individual homes in need 

To make a donation towards the Gift of the Givers EFT:
Gift of the Givers Foundation
Account number: 052137228 

Bank: Standard Bank 

Branch: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa 

Branch code: 057525

Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

For more information on Gift of the Givers visit: https://giftofthegivers.org/

Stock a Shop

Many informal shops were recently vandalised and looted, leaving uninsured shop owners destitute. This means that communities in outlying areas are now unable to purchase essential goods. Hearts that Hope are aiming to help affected informal traders in the Ilembe District get back on their feet by restocking each shop with R7500 of inventory. With donations the NPO want to help give these traders a head start in rebuilding their businesses, while also providing vital supplies to their communities. There are three ways you can help: 1; sponsor an entire store for R7500, 2; donate and Hearts that Hope will shop for you or 3; Email info@heartsthathope.com and drop off required stock items at LINC Church in Salt Rock.

To make a donation towards Hearts that Hope EFT:

Hearts that Hope 

Account number: 62324949778

Type: Cheque
Bank: FNB Ballito 

Brand code: 250102 


Cape Town Cares

This community based initiative run by volunteers in partnership with NPO Khulisa Streetscapes and supported by the City of Cape Town aimed at distributing food, essential items and medical supplies to those affected by the unrest in KZN. This initiative includes supporting the distribution of food and essential items in conjunction with The Cape Animal Welfare Forum (CAWF) to animal shelters in KZN who have been affected by the unrest in KZN. To make a donation contact Cape Town Cares at capetowncares2021@gmail.com 

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