Lily ‘n Jack – the ultimate soother

From before she was born, it was Lily ‘n Jack… her snuggle bunny preoccupying a spot in her cot, a cot blanket proudly hanging on the railing of her cot and her snuggle blankie packed in the nappy bag.

Choosing Lily ‘n Jack for Charlie was a no brainer! Having discovered the brand when Maddie was just a few months old and having her still carry around her cot blanket – I knew Charlotte had to have the same.

Lily ‘n Jack is a local Cape Town business that makes beautiful comfort toys, blankets and towelling products for babies and toddlers. Designers and manufacturers of The Original Snuggle Bunny, Lily ‘n Jack has become a brand that is well-loved both locally and abroad. I think it’s safe to say most babies own this famous bunny! Not only is it the ultimate self-soother for little ones and helps settle them, but they are also the perfect partner to carry around the house, to school and out and about when they are toddlers.

Maddie absolutely loved all three of her Lily ‘n Jack blankets and actually weaned herself off her dummy at three months old and replaced it with her Lily ‘n Jack blankets by placing the soft material by her lips to self soothe and to fall asleep. She’s five and still sleeps with her Lily ‘n Jack blanket and is her go to when things overwhelm her and she’s upset.

We hope to do the same with Charlie and introduced her Lily ‘n Jack blankets from when she was just a few hours old. She sleeps with her cot blanket and we attach her dummy with a dummy clip onto her Snuggle Blankie which is what we did with Maddie to wean her off her dummy.

The Lily ‘n Jack range is incredible quality, beautifully made, so soft and cuddly and is made to last! Maddie still has her blankets from when she was a baby!

I couldn’t recommend Lily ‘n Jack enough and it’s my go to gift for a mom-to-be!

Shop Lily ‘n Jack here:


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