A brand we couldn’t have seen Charlie’s first year through without is Angelcare! We are proud to have partnered with this incredible brand of baby monitors, bath aids and nappy bins – all products from their range that we used with Maddie barring the baby bath seat which is fairly new to the brand (well it wasn’t on the market when Maddie was little).

A few of the items we used and loved included:

The Angelcare AC327 Video Monitor

Something that has been an absolute game changer this time round that we didn’t have with Maddie is Angelcare’s video monitor! We did use a basic entry level Angelcare monitor with Maddie and (as first time parents do) at every noise we used to run upstairs to see if Maddie was okay. It was an incredible monitor nonetheless and did the job! With Charlie we are using AngelCare’s AC327 Baby Movement Monitor with Video. It also has the feature of the Wireless SensAsure Movement Sensor Pad to give you piece of mind when baby is sleeping alone in a room – especially during those first few months of newborn phase. The pad has precise levels of movement protection. The monitor’s alarm will only sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. This beautifully designed baby care essential is completely wireless, small (the LCD screen is just 10cms) and includes features like; room temperature display on the Parent Unit, infrared night vision, two-way talk back allowing us to soothe and reassure Charlie, digital zoom & pan as well as a secure 2.4GHz digital transmission with a range of 250 metres within clear line of sight. It has been a godsend during these first few months and something we see ourselves using for at least another two to three years with Charlie. It’s incredibly helpful as it allows for non-contact monitoring… we’re able to check up on Charlie without physically being in her nursery disturbing her sleep or her seeing us. The battery life of the unit is also great and it’s so easy to install and pack up when going on holiday or to the in-laws. We’ve even caught Maddie a couple of times ‘checking up’ on her sister in the middle of the night through the monitor. This monitor has been absolutely incredible – we even take it with us when on holiday or away from home as it’s easy enough to pack and plus in when we are away. Well worth every cent in our opinion and top of our list of baby essentials!

The Angelcare Bath Support

Involving Maddie in almost everything we do for baby Charlotte was priority for us since bringing our second born daughter home. Placing a massive sense of worth and responsibility on Maddie’s ‘big’ role as a big sister has been something we have been intentional about. She LOVED helping and feeling needed when it comes to her sister and nothing brings her greater pleasure than helping us! Small things like fetching Charlie’s dummy or blanket, taking my expressed milk down to dad to put in the fridge, choosing an outfit for her sister and her favourite one of them all… bathing her sister! We put Charlie in the bath with Maddie the day she came home from hospital and it was such a great bonding time for the sisters. Luckily Charlie really enjoys the water and is super comfy (and safe) in her Angelcare bath support – a product we used and LOVED with Maddie until she was six or seven months old. Charlie is able to bath in the big bath with her sister while we have the peace of mind as she lies on the soft mesh which allows water to drain easily from the bath support as we splash water over her body. The anti-slip base ensures that the support doesn’t move while she’s being bathed and it’s ergonomic design ensures she’s comfort and safe while in the tub! She used this support until she started sitting unaided at around six months old.

Angelcare Dress Up bin

Don’t laugh… one of my favourite things in Charlie’s nursery is her AngelCare nappy bin 😂 #YouKnowYoureAMomWhen…

I’ve said it before – one of my favourite things about waiting nearly five years before I had another child is that there are so many new / and improved products on the market that weren’t around when Maddie was a baby and well Angelcare’s Dress Up Bin Disposal System is just the bomb! We had a second hand AngelCare when Maddie was a baby and it was a great bin so we’re very familiar with the brand and their bins but I absolutely love that it can be ‘dressed up’ with a custom fabric sleeve! I mean how cool? I mean that odour control is cool BUT look at it.

I love that I can change it up to look fresh and exciting in her room with sweet prints like hearts, elephants, whales, green leaves and pink flowers… something to suit any nursery and taste! For just R80 odd for a removable cover – how cool?

The bin takes special bag refills that has a seven layer odour seal barrier that traps those smelly nappies on-site the bag and it includes a germ fighting antibacterial coating. Honestly the room never stinks! It’s also simple to use… the ring fits into the top of the bin, you pull the bag down, tie a knot and your good to go! Practical and hygienic! It also has an impressively large capacity… one ‘bag’ can hold up to 36 size one nappies- less trips to the outside bin for dad to remove you simple cut the top of the bag using the inside of the bin, tie the top and pull it out.

Angelcare Bath Seat

We moved Charlie over from her Angelcare bath support to her Angelcare bath seat around six months. We used both these products with Maddie and absolutely loved them and even more so now with Charlie as she’s been able to bath with Maddie in both devices. The Angelcare Baby Bath Seat is made from lightweight, durable plastic and allows Charlie to be comfortable and supported while free to explore and play. The clever, ergonomic design features drain holes for easy rinsing and extra strong suction cups for excellent stability. The bath support has a layer of soft TPE material, which warms very quickly to baby’s body temperature and bath water. It’s also hygienic and mould-resistant – the mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dries easily. It’s soft touch material makes bath time fun and comfortable for our bug!

Angelcare On-The-Go Portable Nappy Bag Dispenser and Refills

A nappy bag essential – the Angelcare On the Go Dispenser & Refill Bag is a must have! There to help dispose of soiled nappies wherever you are. The Easy-Knot System nappy bags are made with the same unique Multi-layer film as the Angelcare Refill Cassettes. This acts as an effective, proven and trusted way to lock-in and seal in odours. The contour shaped bag design helps to reduce excess waste. A few features that I love; the contour shaped bag design to reduce excess waste, there is no smell, no scent and no odour! It’s clip-on travel size and fits in a bag or a purse with ease!

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