The Estuary Hotel & Spa

A short drive from home, the beach, the sun, comfortable homely environment, air-conditioned rooms, a comfortable bed, yummy food, close to fun activities and the perfect setting for family fun… this sums up our week long stay at The Estuary Hotel & Spa in Port Edward last month. Brett, Maddie and I were invited by […]

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My 30th Birthday Celebration

There I stood, draped in red sparkly sequins, under the open skies, surrounded by beautiful tall trees, with almost 30 of my closest girlfriends in front of me singing happy birthday to me while a sparkler burnt in my beautiful vanilla cake and alongside me stood my daughter. Holding her close I could hear her […]

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Little Crusers

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had with fellow Durban moms about the lack of a super-duper playground that not only caters to both parents and children alike but ticks all the boxes in terms of location, features, safety and affordability. I have been a part of many conversations about how we […]

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