One of our favourite pass times as a couple has always been board or card games. Pre-parenthood we regularly hosted a couples game night at our house and every family holiday has involved a couple of rounds of our favourite games! Now that we are parents, Brett and I enjoy games we can play together […]

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My Baby Shower

There was a time over the hard lockdown that I thought that there was no way I would be able to celebrate our baby at her very own baby shower. It made me sad as I believe that every child should be celebrated and she deserved to as well. As lockdown eased and small gatherings […]

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Our 4 in 1 Jazz Cot

Nothing quite hits home that you’re having a baby, quite like putting a cot in a room! Last month our absolutely gorgeous Jazz Cot from Happy Toddler Beds arrived and our hearts exploded! We’re having a baby! If you caught my Instagram post – Brett and Maddie built our Jazz Cot and they really had […]

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The power of storytelling…

I can remember as a child how my imagination used to run wild… books came to life, characters became my friends, I lived out stories, my dolls played out scenes… I could sit for hours alone in my room and I was in another world! A world where anything was possible because I was told […]

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Daddy & Maddie take on Batman!

Who says dad’s to daughters cannot play superhero’s with them and teach them all about their super powers? We recently got sent the latest range of high quality Batman and DC toys from Just Fun Toys and everything about the range, including the apparel available oozes cool factor!! It has been a serious fight (not […]

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No red Winter noses here…

As much as I truly love Winter, (I am a proper Winter baby) the one thing I dislike the most about Winter is a sore and chapped nose caused by frequently blowing or wiping my nose – irritating and damaging my skin and stripping away its natural moisture when those Winter sniffles start to creep […]

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