Monrobe Loves – Essence Gel Nail Polishes

I love the durability of having a gel manicure. The fact that it lasts as long as three weeks at a time and not having to worry about a chipped nail or your nails breaking is awesome! But on the other hand – what I dislike about gel nails is the fact that you have […]

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10 Random Facts About Me

For those of you who just know me by my handle, this one is for you. I thought I would give you some further insight into who I am outside of my Monrobe style shots and activity on Instagram. So here are 10 random facts about me: 1. I was fortunate enough to meet my […]

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Monrobe OOTD – Winter Woolies

Winter is finally here! YAY! I love Winter dressing! I love layering and all the stunning woollens available and especially BOOTS! There are already Winter sales at the moment and managed to grab this pair of to-die-for jeans (that fit like a glove!) and jersey at the Foschini sale this past week. Again, another monochrome […]

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Monrobe OOTD – All Black

See as though I received awesome feedback from my last ‘double denim‘ look from Friday’s OOTD post, I decided to do an all black look. What I love most about being a Durban girl is how cool Winter is. tights with a jacket is warm enough and look FAB! I picked up this very loose […]

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